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  1. Whiteshadow71

    Insta-killing Zombies

    The thing is that the sword is perhaps the best melee weapon, but IC does not suit every char. In addition, you can kill zombies with one hit, but unfortunately also they can. So, in my opinion, caution and avoiding the zombies is the best option.
  2. Whiteshadow71

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    Guys, all of this should be a factual discussion and not a playground for injured souls. It's a fact that the "normal" characters are trying to live in safety and at the moment it's better if they hide. Once a safe hotspot has established itself, several will go there and then the wolves will find sheep again. But look outside the box and let the settlements a little air. If they are attacked every day, neither the IC nor the OOC are interested in doing it.
  3. Whiteshadow71

    People Hiding Is Killing The Server...

    Maybe, but just maybe people would stop hiding if some settlements last longer than 2-3 weeks. But apparently some groups here have an allergy to fixed facilities.
  4. Whiteshadow71

    Injury Recovery Time (Poll)

    Well, I think the basic problem is if people want to do realistic RP or not. It should be clarified what you want to have here on the server. I have no problem with PVP, but then you should also be aware of the consequences. No one who get shot can quickly run to another city, he has to go slow and even take some breaks. Likewise, it is extremely unrealistic to walk from one side of the map to another within a few minutes. I know that everyone is here because they want to have fun, but if you consistently do RP, you're always in your character as soon as you log in.
  5. Whiteshadow71


    The question is, what RP background does the capture have? Usually you want something from the hostage. Information or otherwise. If you kill him then you have nothing. And if his friends make an open attack on you, that's stupid. Sometimes it seems to me that hostages are taken just to provoke that. So you can then do PVP. I understand that you want action, but RP has little to do with it and does not encourage it. Just my opinion
  6. An older man with gray hair is sitting near a small fire. He said: “You want to know my story? Okay, I will tell you. I´m a truck driver and four or five weeks ago a man comes to me and said he will pay me 5000 Euro when I drive a truck to Chernarus. In this time, life is not even easy and the chance to make money is rare, so I agreed. I thought in the truck are helping supplies for the poor population or something similar. I was wrong. The way to Chernarus was more or less without trouble, but when I arrived there, a nightmare began. I came to Miroslavl and at the address I had some people waiting. They said that I can drive back tomorrow and then I will get my money. So we went in a house and they gave me a good soup and we drank some vodka. Later in the evening, I had to go to the toilet, on the way there I saw through the window as the truck was unloaded. They were gun boxes. Since that was none of my business, I did not think about it. The next thing I remember is that I woke up in the middle of nowhere and have no idea where I am exactly. Since then I try to survive and live my life as good as I can. And tell me…..what is your story?” Of course Oliver has a background story. In this he has made his basic military service with the German army which makes him somewhat familiar with firearms. Due to his job he also has some idea of machines and is experienced in craftsmanship. Because he lived in an environment where he had to prevail, he does not shy away from physical violence. But all in all, he just wants to go home
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