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  1. Sanston Graves

    An ordinary man standing at an average weight with average features and a slightly above average waist line stood before a mirror. He was unshaven, unkempt- hair was a mess. He grabbed his face and tugged it this way and that, staring at the dark bags under his eyes with a long, rough sigh. The man was not going through anything out of the absolute ordinary. He wasn't a soldier or a police officer, or some super grandiose surgeon. Sans was a veterinarian moving from Dublin to America. The migration process had been long, tedious, and very unwelcoming. His family- those who remained, where able to go with him after a long battle with US customs. His daughter is his only remaining family member that he has left. The others have left him with time for one reason or another; death and denatured family was all one in the same. Over the years, that tired, weary immigrant looked at himself in that same mirror, and what he saw before him was changing quite drastically. Over his years of life living in rural Montana, Sanston lead a fairly happy and quiet life as a traveling vet. He made quite the reputation for his quick thinking and ability to make use of the seemingly ordain. A silver coin to help heal a horses removed skin tag, an old branding iron to cauterize a tumor. The resourcefulness of Sanston proved to be a valuable skill in the barnyard life, but its source was nothing to be proud of... Life was going very well for the single father of one. Sanstons daughter, now in her late teens, treated the young man very well. She was respectful, caring, and loving for her father; she sheltered him from the brash nature of life by taking care of the social norms that came with the real estate. Her father had Aspergers quite severely, and was very unaware of the social queues he was missing. But of course he knew something of this. He knew his daughter was putting in a lot of work to help keep their lives together. Sanston wanted to do something for her now that he was in a good way financially: Take her to the Peninsula of Chernarus...