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  1. Eugene Dunki

    Eugene is not a very smart man, especially when it comes to picking his next house. He decided the City life was to much for him, Especially since most of the sidewalks were at 45 degree angles in San Francisco. He wanted to go explore the world, he didn't want to go somewhere expensive because he didn't have that much saved. So he found a pilot that was flying to Russia and it was to cheap to pass up for Eugene. So he packed his bags, went to the airfield and got in the plane with the pilot. Little did he know that he was scammed and was chloroformed when he buckled into the passenger seat. Next thing he knew was that he only had his undershirt and his jeans on. All of his other cloths and luggage was no were to be found. He composed himself and looked around, he was in some Russian area due to the fact the road signs had some Russian letters that he remembers seeing on the internet. Looks like he got what he paid for and more.
  2. Survive The Nights coming soon

  3. Survive The Nights coming soon

    @Rolle do you have any opinions on the matter?
  4. Survive The Nights coming soon

    Another good reason to have one up, just all depends on if @Rolle wants to do it.
  5. Survive The Nights coming soon

    + in order for you to get a house running is to have a generator and those make noise, depending on the size, so it draws the zeds to your house. And if you have a large one outside, people can turn it off and raid you in that kinda fashion but you can have locks on the doors, shotgun traps, flame traps, propane tanks that can explode, and all that good stuff so you can defend WAY better than what you can do in dayz atm.
  6. Survive The Nights coming soon

    The zeds are docile and walk during the day but run and attack at night so it be more of a go out in the day and explore and loot, then at night hide somewhere so they can't get you.
  7. Survive The Nights coming soon

    Well it's been in dev for more than 3 years, the first gameplay video they posted was in April of 2014 but im really hoping this is good, already got a pre-order key and a regular key bought for when it comes out.
  8. Survive The Nights coming soon

    So i looked in the forums and i saw that no one was talking about Survive the Nights. I messaged the Survive the Night's Facebook and they told me that STN Is hoping to have the pre-order for Kickstarter Backers and Humble Bundle pre orders out in July with a steam/ea release in August/September. But the thing that i wanted to get discussed is if @Rolle is thinking of having a DayzRP STN Server. STN has 100s of Open and Fortifiable buildings that can be used for bases, you can make temp camps, Its PVP and PVE but you will lose sanity. Zeds are docile during the day but are very dangerous at night. You can set up traps for them and other players to. So lets have the discussion begin
  9. Ads on the website

    Best ads ever
  10. Known this guy for 4 years. Luv dis boi
  11. i would like this to be closed now, have no idea how to close this other than asking to close it
  12. So i just freshly got a copy of Life is Feudal and i wanted to get onto the DayzRP LIF server, but when i launch it. All i get is a background process and nothing else pops up on the screen. I checked my windows and im up to date. I have uninstalled every version of C++ and reinstalled/repaired. DirectX is updated, Turned on/off Windows Firewall. Im at the end of the rope here and cannot find anything helpfull online that is relevant to this current year. Pretty much does nothing and i have been trying for about 3 hours now and nothing has worked Gonna shoot myself in the foot now for what i just figured out. Simply turned off my computer and turned it back on and it WORKED! i hate myself Gonna shoot myself in the foot now for what i just figured out. Simply turned off my computer and turned it back on and it WORKED! i hate myself