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  1. Thanks for all the replies! It was great reading into how people really would act.
  2. Put your heart into it, use correct spelling and grammar, and have a thesaurus next to you that way you can use more... exciting words. Trust me, it'll help. Whenever I start writing on my novel, I always have a thesaurus up/next to me.
  3. I mainly ask this question, because I run into plenty of people who suggest that "In the real apocalypse, you'll have to kill to survive". I think this is absolutely asinine. If a rabies-like virus -such as the one seen in DayZ- were to hit the real world, the military would easily be able to contain and exterminate the virus. You'd only have to survive for a matter of days (maybe weeks), before aid reached your location. Obviously the best plan of action, would be to stock up and stay rural. Listen to the radio for updates and avoid moving around in broad day light. Stay in the woods/mountains if possible. I live in Montana, so there's PLENTY of areas to hide and rural farms to fortify.
  4. So many players in DayZ are ruthless bandits, so I now pose the question; is this how you would act in the real apocalypse? Kill everyone and everything you saw, just for one can of food? Or would you be more merciful and spare lives?