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  1. I applied today for the whitelist, but it appears this on the bottom of the page: "Your current estimated place in queue: X/Y" I'm confused, since every now and then my position keeps changing to what I think it's the end of the queue(example: 10/30, after some time it's 15/35, like my app is being moved back). I don't know if that's a good thing or not, so can anybody tell me if 29/30 is close to get the app reviewed or is it 1/30?
  2. Everyone here is very friendly to new players, and no-one will mind if you ask the odd question about not understanding something. It'd be best if you kept to text for the most part, but if you're struggling during a robbery, it's acceptable to use your mic to ask, but always preface it with "Out of character" before saying anything. As for the dying thing, it's up to you. If you really want to, you can create a new character after you die, if you're fond of perma-death scenarios. But generally, everyone keeps the same character, since they usually get quite attached. If you do decide to make a new character, you don't need to do any extra paperwork. You're free to change your character whenever you like. Hope that helps! Thank you! I think I'll stick to the perma-death idea, it seems more realistic to me. I'm glad that I can ask these questions, I'm looking foward to the experience!
  3. Very helpful guide. But since Arma is overly complicated for new players, is it really okay to ask something like "How do I drop this?", to another player using the mic? Or you only ask in chat, like "//How do I drop this?"? Also, when you die, do you create a new character out of the blue, or do you have to do something first, like sending another application? Those two items have been a concern of mine for a while now, I hope someone can clear that up.
  4. Welcome then! I hope we can hunt some zombies down as soon the applications open up again 3
  5. Just registered here, I'm hoping to have a great experience here. I've been searching for a good roleplay DayZ mod/server, but I couldn't find a better one than this. I've watched some gameplay videos of DayZRP and I gotta say, it looks sweet. I'm just waiting for the whitelist applications to open so I can send mine. I'm really excited to play this, and I'm sure a lot of you are as well, and for good reason!