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  1. Oliver is a 10 year old kid who lived at home with his mother and father as an only child. Oliver enjoys playing baseball, video games, paintball and biking. He used to BMX on a competitive level. Oliver was with his family on vacation in Livonia when shit hit the fan. They were staying in a cottage house right in a small town, the virus started rapidly spreading. His father attempted to protect him and his mother but ended up being eaten alive by the monsters. After about a week of squatting in a house his mother told Oliver she would be back with some food soon and attempt to get some help. After all this time he has never seen her again.
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    That was one damn good time.
  3. Samson Stork is an individual that suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder, or better known as MPD. He was brought up in the fostering system which only assisted in his instability as a functioning member of the public, this naturally led him to be more of an outsider and a loner than most. It wasn't long before he was put onto drugs to assist with his MPD, the drugs helped keep him more or less stable which led to him being able to pick up a few jobs. He attempted to work as a gas-station clerk, but he was quickly let go for freaking out at a customer. Besides that he worked in a deli for two years before the business went under and he was let go. After losing his job at the deli Samson had to go onto assisted living and ended up living with a roommate that he found online. The relationship between the two was mostly formal, but every here and there they hung out around the apartment. Luke, Samson's roommate knew about Samson's disorder and felt some pity for his current finical situation. Luke worked on a Cargo ship and decided to talk with his employer about any open positions. After some hesitation Luke's employer agreed to give Samson a job as a ship hand, on the condition that he would keep a close eye on Samson for his own safety. Once the Cargo ship was loaded up it set out towards this country named Chernarus. After the ship arrived at the docks and started offloading the military arrived stopping the Cargo ship from leaving the port. After all shit hit the fan Samson locked himself inside of the hotel room, locking Luke outside. Luke banged on the door for 30 straight minutes before finally giving up and running off. Samson remained in that room for three weeks before his food and medication ran out. Now he is still wandering around the wastelands of Chenarus.
  4. Matteo Adel is an American from Brooklyn with Jewish decent, he was over in Chenarus studying architecture. The reason behind this was the considerable pricing differences and his hobby interest in old soviet union controlled countries. Matteo was born and raised in Brooklyn with his five other siblings, three sisters and two brothers. His father was a drug store owner while his mother preferred to stay home and take care of the kids. His one brother is an insurance broker while his three sisters decided to get into the acting business, with the oldest boy helping Matteo's father in the drug store. The youngest, his little brother was still in High school. Matteo always had an interest in designing and blue printing since he was in middle school. He held a few side jobs before heading for university which included: Gas station employee, pizza guy, Grocery store clerk. The outbreak didn't start until three months after Matteo moved to Chenarus and started his studies. Once the panic started and the airways were closed down Matteo attempted to barricade himself inside of his dorm with his two fellow roommates, One being a Cherno Russian and the other being an Aussie. The Russian spoke little english so figuring out his exact name was difficult, but the Aussie's name was Mathew. After about two weeks of being barricaded in their dorm it was decided that they had to leave considering they had almost ran out of food. After eventually leaving the dorm they traveled together for about four days before Mathew was jumped by one of the sick.. He didn't last long. After we lost Mathew the moral was quite low and the next day Matteo woke up being abandoned by his Russian roommate.Now days Matteo is just wandering around living day to day.
  5. Michel Scott's is a United Nations Infantry peacekeeper who was deployed in Chernarus Post-outbreak. He was brought in with the many other UN troops to attempt to defuse and stop the current outbreak and chaos, which would obviously end up being for nothing. Michel is a Canadian citizen who has a Irish and Scottish mixed background, his mother was Scottish while his father was a Scott. He is a married man who had a child on the way when he was deployed, his wife's name is Emma while he never had the chance to be there and decide on their child's name. While Michel was still back home in Nova Scotia Canada he enjoyed his time on their 12 acre piece of land, they owned a couple quads and truck to get around in. Michel had created a personal firing range in the back bush of his property. After himself and the rest of his unit out of the battalion were loaded into the CC-130J Hercules there was an obvious air of nervousness and fear, they all know that they were flying into a hell storm. Once the aircraft was over there landing position they attempted to call into the tower at the north west airfield but were greeted with no response. After assessing this it was decided that a landing in a possibly unsafe location was not a viable option, so instead of landing they made a situational decision to airdrop the troops in over Lopatino. The plan was after all troops were to meet up on the east side of Lopatino and push forward to the Vybor military base to asses their current situation and possible aid any surviving military personnel in the base. Not long after landing though it had been apparent that things were far worse than expected. After regrouping they push over to Vybor military base where they were greeted with nothing more than the dead and one civilian survivor who almost immediately opened fire upon them, the fire-fight was short and only one of the UN troops were wounded in the conflict before the civilian was shot down. While after a while they continued to hold out in the military base until they were eventually pushed out in a night raid by an unknown force, after this most of the UN troops had been separated in the chaos of the night raid which includes Michel. He has been attempting to get a hold of any of his fellow peacekeepers since that day, and he is still on the lookout. Now days Michel continues to scavenge and gather supplies while trying to survive.
  6. Markus Gibson was a failed business man who decided to head to Russia for one last ditch attempt to save his business as a gas-mask/MRE sales man. His last flight that he was on Landed in the Chernarus area and was scheduled to the following day when shit fit the fan, now Markus is simply another man trying to making it day by day hoping that one of these days his luck doesn't run out. Markus was an only child with a fairly average upbringing, his father was a insurance sales man and his mother a nurse. Markus had always been an more outdoorsy kid when he was growing up which partially brought him into the kind of work he was doing before the outbreak, the other thing that brought gave him this interest was his fascination with WW1 and WW2 History. This fascination brought him to the realization that a chemical war could break out at anytime point and that there had to be a business opportunity for prepping supplies. Markus believed that if he could save his business in Russia he could possibly save it, so he bought a plane ticket and set off to meet with some suppliers. Markus was born and Raised in the state of Texas of the United States of America where he spent a majority of his life before traveling to Chernarus, he speaks no other languages than English so understanding the locals might be a challenge sometimes. Markus was enjoyed hunting and still does to this day, you can probably find him in the forest somewhere with a tent trying to hunt down some game. Markus is a fan of shotguns and you will most likely be seeing him walk around with one over his shoulder, or a hunting rifle. His favourite food is canned tactical bacon and he always enjoys a beer on the side. Markus has never really been one to have a love life since he is a little too dense to realize whenever someone has been interested in him. But there was this one girl who he truly did have a liking for, her name was Jessica. Jessica had been Markus's crush since he was fourteen years old and he could never really shake those hips from his minds, Markus tried once to get with this girl in high-school but he had gotten turned down. Jessica got married off to an asshole named Jake and he's never attempted for a relationship since. Markus loved going to the rang with his friends and was always the one to crack a good joke. One of Markus's dreams was to work for a private military contracting company but he never sustained the needed skills and will to do so. Markus's favourite colour is the colour green and his favourite kind of music is 80's rock. His Dogs name was Duke and he loved going on walks with it, Duke was a German Shepherd with an insane amount of energy, Markus loved his dog until the day that he had to put him down.
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