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  1. Had a fun time with @TurkRP the other day. We met on the road and looted a millatary base together. Hes one crazy guy tho like to fight the infected even 2 or more at a time. Anyway good guy hope to run in to him again.
  2. nogem

    DayZRP 19.12.1

    I think everything in this update is awsome but the zombie damage is way too much. I just died to glitching indoors and getting beat to death 3 times in less than 2 hours. I have over 2500 hours in this game, I know how to survive. but as many others have pointed out with the many glitches Dayz has, the damage increase just doesn't make sense. please get rid of the buff
  3. If its possable could the dev team try and fix the way tents get placed. The way it was back in .62 was great if its possable to go back to that I could actually make a camp in the woods like I would in real life.?
  4. My only problem I have with zombies right now is the fact that I have to stop and stand still to change my mag. I have been killed a few times now because of this impractical mechanic. If it was real life I wouldnt just stand there geting beat on while I try and change mags. If its possable to make it so you can run with your inventory up like it used to be than I would be a much happier person. As far as zombie health and stuff I like that it takes at least 2 shots to the chest to drop a zombie. If you look back at ANY zombie movie, game etc... a head shot is the ONLY way to drop a zombie. I like the sound of special infected depending on the region you're in if it's possible to do that.
  5. I too would love to see a nighttime in game. Give us a reason to use some of the other items in game and make our own rp out of it.
  6. *Oliver heard the broadcast and picks up his radio* Hi there Rada, iv been looking for a big green military tent. If you happen to see one in your travels please let me know.
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