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  1. Had a fun time with @TurkRP the other day. We met on the road and looted a millatary base together. Hes one crazy guy tho like to fight the infected even 2 or more at a time. Anyway good guy hope to run in to him again.
  2. nogem

    DayZRP 19.12.1

    I think everything in this update is awsome but the zombie damage is way too much. I just died to glitching indoors and getting beat to death 3 times in less than 2 hours. I have over 2500 hours in this game, I know how to survive. but as many others have pointed out with the many glitches Dayz has, the damage increase just doesn't make sense. please get rid of the buff
  3. If its possable could the dev team try and fix the way tents get placed. The way it was back in .62 was great if its possable to go back to that I could actually make a camp in the woods like I would in real life.?
  4. My only problem I have with zombies right now is the fact that I have to stop and stand still to change my mag. I have been killed a few times now because of this impractical mechanic. If it was real life I wouldnt just stand there geting beat on while I try and change mags. If its possable to make it so you can run with your inventory up like it used to be than I would be a much happier person. As far as zombie health and stuff I like that it takes at least 2 shots to the chest to drop a zombie. If you look back at ANY zombie movie, game etc... a head shot is the ONLY way to drop a zombie. I like the sound of special infected depending on the region you're in if it's possible to do that.
  5. I too would love to see a nighttime in game. Give us a reason to use some of the other items in game and make our own rp out of it.
  6. Draykon Black was once a simple man. A hard worker who loved to travel and see the world alongside his wife. Little did they know that their happy little vacation in a small, lesser renouned country known as Chernarus would be their last. Theresa Black was committed to learning more about various cultures in the world, specializing in Russian culture specifically. Since Chernarus was a sub-country of such, it seemed the ideal land to pursue. -- Not long after their arrival, Draykon and his wife were given an audience with the council of Chernogorsk, a once in life Draykon opportunity as viewed by many. It was that day, when chaos came to Chernarus. Just as Draykon and his wife entered into the parliaments of Chernogorsk, gunfire and widespread screaming was heard. Panic was abound in the streets as Ground Zero was marked. -- Without hesitation, Draykon alerted his wife and planned an escape, but they were not prepared for what they would see upon their attempt to escape the Parliaments. Blood and guts, fire and broken buildings, screaming and panic. The husband and wife looked on in horror as crazed people charged through the streets, tackling others to the ground and biting into their flesh ravenously. "Quick!" Draykon exclaimed as he took his wife's hand and ran down the steps, looking for any viable way to escape the chaos. Halfway down the steps Draykon was faced with his first infected, a man who once appeared rather wealth and well kept, now a shambling, ragged monster snapping his teeth towards his pray. Draykon released his wife's forearm and reached forward to grapple with the infected. Trying to turn and throw him, but found himself struggling. The crazed man jerked and twisted in Draykon's grip, managing to break free of the hold and taking hold of Draykon's arm, bringing his teeth down for a bite. -- *BANG!* A gunshot was heard, and the infected's head blew apart, only half a second before making contact with his teeth. Draykon looked over, horrified but greatful, seeing his faithful wife standing there, a glock 19, firmly gripped in both hands. She seemed shaken at having fired a gun, and was quickly becoming emotionally crippled over the thought of taking a life. Draykon then steadied himself and hugged his wife, whispering a thank you in her hear before gently taking the handgun from her. "Come on, let's get out of here!" He said while taking his wife's hand. "GO TO THE SHORE!" Another voice called out. Draykon looked over, seeing a fully suited military officer attempting to command the chaotic crowd running through the city. Draykon nodded and began to lead his wife through the streets, taking aim and shooting down any infected who tried to get near them. -- But then the sound was heard... The soul shattering, heart sinking sound. Roaring of a massive engine, air being distorted. The people of Chernogorsk gazed skyward to see a large plane, out of control, nose pointed for the parliaments. Draykon tried to lead his wife away as quick as he could, but there was not enough time , sure enough, all of ground zero was covered by the shadow of the plane just before the big crash. -- More explosions, debris flying everywhere, buildings crumbling. Draykon Strained every muscle, trying desperately to save his wife, and himself. And then... A large cracking sound was heard, the building wall to his side was coming down... Right on top of him. Then everything went black... -- ... -- ... -- (2 Days later.) -- A low whisper was heard. "...There's a pulse? Really?" Then another voice. "Be careful... I still say he could be a biter." -- Upon the sound of shifting stone, a light caught Draykon's eyes as a large piece of stone wall was lifted from over top him, where he was quickly met with the barrel of a Colt Python in his face. "DON'T MOVE!" yelled a man who seemed to be wearing a firefighter's uniform, his face concealed by a gas mask. Draykon attempted to respond, but could only manage an incoherent grumble. "See? I told you he's alive." Said the other man, who had lifted the rubble. He was well equipped in military gear, sporting an M4 strapped to his backpack. "...Unbelievable. I guess I owe you some bacon after all." The man with the gun chuckled following his response, then focused upon Draykon again. "No sudden movements. Now come out of there." He said, while backing away slowly, continuing to keep his gun aimed. Draykon groaned as he attempted to move his aching muscles. Crawling out of the pile of rocks and rubbles that now made the downtown core of Chernogorsk. "Mmh... Muh..." -- "What's that? You sayin' something?" -- "Mmuh... My... Wu...Wife.." Draykon Said with dull, near lifeless eyes. "Look at him, he's a mess. Let's at least get him to the train station." Said soldier with a merciful demeanor. Draykon would only blink his eyes a few more times before darkness took his vision, and he lost conciousness. -- ... -- ... -- (Some time later...) Draykon Awoke in the Train station surely enough, laying upon a rough, hard bench. Draykon groaned in pain as he slowly sat himself up. "Ahh... You're awake." A voice said from the corner. Draykon looked over to see the military soldier from before, offering a light smile and grabbing a bottle of water and moving over to the bench. He unscrewed the cap and offered it to Draykon . "Here. You need to hydrate and eat. You need to regain your strength." With a simple nod, Draykon reached out with shaky hands to accept the bottle, then, losing himself to a core instinct inside, began to chug down the water, not even stopping to take a breath before the bottle was finished off. "Wow... You sure needed that huh?" Draykon could only nod. "Listen... You're a very lucky man... I didn't think anybody survived the explosion a few days ago." Draykon's eyed widened. "A few days?!" The soldier simply nodded in reply. "...W..Wait... My wife!" Draykon began to panic. "Calm down... Please." -- "But my wife... She was with me. Did you find her too?" A moment of silence took the room as the soldier frowned solemly. "Look man.. You were the only person we could pull from that wreck... Everyone else is dead... They were either crushed or they turned." -- "What do you mean they turned?" asked Draykon . The soldier huffed a sigh and continued. "Well... It seems a rather bizarre sickness began about a week ago, and spread faster then any contagion I've seen. Many suspect it was chemical warfare... Anyways... Those who contracted this sickness lost their minds... Becoming feral monsters, and eating the flesh of anyone and everyone around them." Draykon blinked as he listened, and then he asked. "You... You mean like... Zombies?" The soldier chuckled softly at the question. "Heh... Yeah, I suppose you could say that. We use the code word Zed for them now. Calling them zombies seemed a bit too superficial." Draykon then nodded. "I see... So what's happening now?" The soldier shrugged softly and opened his mouth to speak when the door to the train station came flying open with force. The soldier readied himself but soon calmed down upon seeing the firefighter entering the building. "Ugh.. Damn it Martin, what did I tell you about busting in? You're causing too much commotion, have some grace for once. "The soldier said plainly. "Oops, sorry Lieutenant. I guess I'm still feeling the rush from putting down a small horde of Zeds." Martin said with a dumb smile on his face. The Lieutenant turned back to Draykon , spitting a command to Martin from the corner of his lips. "Shut the damn door and lock it already." Draykon waited for what the man would say next. "Alright. What's your name?" The Lieutenant asked with a dimming expression. "Uhh.. It's Draykon ... Draykon Black. Uh... And you?" The soldier rolled his arm and huffed another sigh before responding. "Lieutenant Greg Matthews of the U.N." Draykon blinked. "The U.N.? In Chernarus?" Lt. Matthews nodded. "Things turned to shit pretty quickly my friend... We weren't the only military force that came to stop the spread of the contagion." he paused for a moment, folding his hands in his lap before continuing. "The entire country is at risk... The contagion was spreading inland very quickly last I heard, but the radios are down and communication is cut off... We are now trapped here." Draykon blinked at that. "Trapped?" Lt. Matthews nodded again. "There is some new military force surrounding all of Chernarus... They have quarantined the country. Nobody can get in, nobody can get out. Everyone who tries to escape will either be shot down or worse." The lieutenant said with a further darkening expression. Draykon stared down in his lap for some time. Silence overtaking the room. Five minutes would pass before he spoke up. "So what am I supposed to do now? What are you guys going to do?" asked Draykon . "Well. I guess Martin and I are going to travel further to the east... See if anybody is alive in Elektro. You're welcome to come with us if you like." Draykon paused, considering the offer, but soon after shook his head and smiled. "Listen... I really appreciate the offer... But I'm not ready to leave Chernogorsk yet. Can you direct me back to where you found me?" The Lieutenant blinked, looking up at Draykon with a shocked look on his face. "Really? You want to go back to Ground Zero? Are you insane?" Draykon stubbornly nodded back. "Yeah, I guess so. There's just something I have to find out." -- "And what's that? Why are you so eager to throw your life away after we saved you?" -- Draykon rose up to his feet and made his way toward the door. "My wife... She was with me right up to the end. I need to find her... I need to know if she's alive... At the very least... I need closure." Lt. Matthews huffed a heavy sigh and waved his hand dismissively. "So be it... I understand. Just be prepared my friend... The answers you find might not be what you were looking for... May favor fortune your hand." Draykon nodded at those words. "Thank you Lieutenant, and tell Martin I say thanks too. I'm going to go find her." he said with a firm nod. "Here... Take this then. It's not much but you need something to defend yourself with out there." The Lietenant reached under his bench, grabbing a rather sturdy, sharp, and fresh looking machete, handing it over to Draykon . He accepted it with a smile. "Thanks again Lieutenant. I owe you one." With another wave of Lt. Matthews' hand he responded. "Sure thing. Try not to get yourself killed out there. I hope you find what you're looking for." With a final nod, Draykon turned and left the train station, firmly shutting the door behind himself before taking in his surroundings. Everything seemed oddly quiet now. Trash and newpapers cluttered the streets and fields. Draykon gazed east along the train tracks, looking back towards Ground Zero. He began to move down the tracks without a sign of hesitation. "I will find you..." He muttered to himself, his pace quickening to a jog. About ten minutes had passed, and the streets seemed oddly quiet. Not a single sign of movement anywhere. Draykon stayed alert of his surroundings, wondering when and if he'd run into somebody, or something. -- And sure enough he would. About another five minutes into his treck, he spotted what appeared to be the rubble remains of the parliaments. The man rushed in, climbing over piles of desecrated bodies and rubble until he found the very location that he had been pulled earlier. A glimmer caught his eye, and he bent down to brush some rocks aside, spotting something familiar-- His wife's silver necklace with a pearl adornment. His eyes widened and he rose up. "Theresa!" Draykon cried out, over and over. "THERESA ARE YOU THERE?! CAN YOU HEAR ME?!" but alas, his shouts were only met with silence, at least for a minute... Then, shambling and groaning... Draykon looked up and to his left, taking notice of four Zeds that had caught onto him. Their skin rotting and torn, eyes bloodshot and hollow. Ragged poor souls shambling faster and faster. "Oh... Shit." Draykon said bluntly before rising up to his feet, withdrawing his machete and readying himself. A male Zed, seeming one a simple civillian made his charge. With a furious yell Draykon brought the blade of the machete down on the Zed's skull. Splitting it a good ways down the center. He then kicked the Zed backwards and used the momentum to pull the blade out of it's skull. The Zed crashed down and tumbled the other three that were charging up. Adrenaline was surging, and Draykon took to a sense of fear as he spotted more Zeds rising up around Ground Zero. He dashed down to his right, staring forward at the long street ahead adorning the large business buildings of the city. The man made a mad dash, the Zed's behind him quickly picking up in speed, even breaking into a sprint. They snarled viciously, eager for their meal. "Shit!" He yelled again, trying to run as quickly as he could. -- If things weren't bad enough, more Zeds were catching on, snarls and shrieks echoed through the streets as more poured in from the side streets. Draykon glanced all around, fear gripping his soul as a massive horde charged for him. Feeling his situation was near hopeless, he pushed through, running and running. He felt his muscles ache, his hands trembling, just as he was about to collapse he heard a voice shouting to him. "KEEP RUNNING!" Draykon blinked, wondering if he was imagining something. He glanced around but could not see anybody but the Zeds who were coming for him. He found himself running through a large set of arches into a stone courtyard, when behind himself he heard the "SNAP!" and the sound of cracking wood and stone crashing to the ground. Draykon turned to see a trap set off, crushing the horde that had tried to chase him through the archway, and blocked the pack for any others behind. With more swift glances, Draykon stood stunned and confused, there was no sign of a human being anywhere. Taking a moment to catch his breath, the man came to reason that it was time to keep going. He spotted the eastern road leading out of Chernogorsk and made his way to safety. -- Upon leaving the city, Draykon dug his hand into his pocket, retrieving his wife's necklace, staring at it rather harshly. "Theresa... I'm sorry... If.. If you're out there... I'll find you... I promise..." He spoke quietly, taking a moment to kiss the pearl adornment upon the necklace, and then placing it back in his pocket. And so a long lonely road awaited Draykon ahead, in the search of his wife. The world was changing quickly, Chernarus had become a living hell... And the answers he sought were out there somewhere.
  7. *Oliver heard the broadcast and picks up his radio* Hi there Rada, iv been looking for a big green military tent. If you happen to see one in your travels please let me know.
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