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  1. Yuri was born in Chernarus to Lewis and Lena Lebedenko in April of 85', he was an only child as his mother lost all children, except him. He was always called their little miracle, and they showered him with everything his whole life because of it, they sent him off the business school but business school wasn't enough so he joined the CDF to be a sniper, but his vision went bad and he became a Sambo instructor for a police departments around the country of Chernarus instead. When he finally settled in life, his mother got sick with heart problems, and after many complications she passed, Lewis, stricken with grief one night ran off a rainy road whilst mourning her loss. Shortly after the death of his parents, the region began to destabilize, he stayed on his parents farm while the world went to hell, and he's finally ready to set out.
  2. After respeaking with the allies about the contents of what was left laying around, it isn't as significant as was initially thought. The tent was grabbed legitimately, and can be kept, no need to return it. I'm okay with closing this report, thank for you everyone's time.
  3. There was a lot of loot left laying around according to my allies. By product of the looting?
  4. There is no "clear cut case" here. None of the important points from either side were addressed. The explanation you gave me VIA Discord didn't add to the case, if anything it made it more complicated. I don't want to turn your feedback thread into a useless back and forth, so how do you suggest I handle my opinion about how you handled this?
  5. Link to the situation: Report Any supporting evidence or notes: This is a proper report closure: Proper Report Close This is an improper report closure: Improper Report Closure This is all my opinion though. I voiced my opinion to him directly and I received a three word response. I Read It Again "You tried to fight six people" There is nothing that supports this, a video where I reflex drew my firearm and never attempted to shoot back, but this is never addressed because of how the report was improperly closed. We have been on the server for less than a month, this is NOT a sufficient explanation for us. "And your RP was subpar" "And your RP was subpar" Where is the RP even shown at all? Our RP was subpar? Their roleplay was surround us and then try to rob us. The video doesn't show our roleplay because the individual that posted it was away from the initial situation for 90% of it before the shooting occurred. Feedback: I wasn't originally going to post this as I had stated, but I decided to get it public because it is worth getting it out there. Something is not adding up with how the report was handled and I'm respectfully requesting a proper explanation. Suggestions for improvement:
  6. There appears to be some confusion: The base was broken into multiple times, I have confirmed this, but the most recent break in, the overnight one within the timeframe was when the tent disappeared. Based on this timeframe @Jasper has done nothing wrong Since server time and everything is wonky, it happened early morning just this morning, the 13th. and not yesterday the 12th.
  7. @Jasper That matches up, the middle wall was destroyed, however the logs say in the middle of the night, and I reinforced the the middle one with sheet metal the other day and it hasn't been touched since. Perhaps you are confused due to the crates swapping sides? Are there any other logs?
  8. @Zanaan There was a decent amount of items left laying around, whether or not it was malicious or just a by product of the looting I cannot speculate.
  9. Server and location: Server 1, Bogatryka Castle Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2/12/2019 0230-0430 Your in game name: Jon Cahn Names of allies involved: (Artur Rehi) @Jemyni ,@Bosco. (Jacob Nguyen) (Brandon Mcvas) (Derek Green) Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Ally will post Detailed description of the events: I was not directly involved in this, however It is believed that I have to post it due to leading the group, I apologize if I am posting wrong. My allies were present in the base at roughly 0230 server time when they went out heading north, when they returned hours later, the base had been infiltrated and an entire tent was taken.
  10. -User has been cautioned for this report-
  11. I suppose it isn't very professional for a group that claims to be good to attempt and rob those they called allies days before. Or I suppose it's not very professional to mow down a woman armed with an axe? I've been out of the game awhile if these things are considered professional.
  12. I think your shift key might be broken Mr Joey, or you simply don't present yourself in a professional manner. I call what you claim ruleplaying. Again, we'll see what the admins say.
  13. We'll see what the admins have to say, if you notice, there is a single shot to my chest from Mr Armado, then a second of silence before everyone else shoots, in this time I had sufficient time to attempt and return fire during this second of peace, yet I never attempted to and the fire continued. The men in the video began mocking too "She pulled out an axe" which leads me to question how much of a threat you actually perceived her as and further leading me to question motives for gunning her down.
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