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  1. This server full of ooc hate lol

    1. RyanOG


      not really snowflake

    2. GrizzlyOG


      RIP Moody and shipwreck o7 😞

    3. RyanOG


      indeed snowflake 

  2. Throwback to windexs savior days..


    1. BiggsbeOG


      I took this picture your welcome


  3. I honestly don't know his forum name just ran into him and we split off afterwards and I do not have video evidence
  4. POV: I went to northwest to get some gear with a person I met in game when I hear a guy aim his gun at me and started to speak I thought I was being held up so I took it into my own hands to aim my gun at him and kill him. I didn't understand what he was saying but the way I saw him aiming his gun at me I thought he was gonna shoot me so I killed him and said what the f dude what are you doing...
  5. GrizzlyOG

    The Revenants Media Thread

    I just saw this has me weak RIP Windex
  6. Curt Russel was a mysterious man from West Virginia Pre-breakout: Growing up Curt always wanted to be a mechanic but he ran into some cop troubles back in highschool and was forced to join the US army. When he joined instead of being a mechanic he got stuck as a 19-Delta, Cav scout he didn't like his job. This was a job where he had a big chance of dying for talking to loud and he had a big mouth. He's not afraid to talk crap to other people and fight also. After he served four years in the US Army he soon found himself trying to find a job being a mechanic. Even tho he was a mechanic he didn't make to much money he found himself working to move to a smaller country where his job would actually be needed and he can make a ton of money. One day he quit his job and moved to South Zagoria, Novaya to be exact where he settled had a small home a truck and a good paying job. He had lots of guns because of the civil war and he would sell them to small army's to make extra cash. He soon found himself living a very good life in South Zagoria and had like minded people like him also selling guns and working for him. Once when the press found out he soon was a very wanted man he decided he would finally turn himself in about a year of being wanted... Post-breakout: Curt found himself one year in prison when the breakout happened. When everything went down he had no clue what had happen until a months after everything went down because he was stuck in his jail cell. When he figured out a way to escape he swam out away from the prison to find out that the world has now gone to complete shit.
  7. GrizzlyOG

    S1 Devils Castle Violation of rule 2.3 and Griefing 03-31-19 20:17

    Grizzlys POV: For the past few days I've been on its been straight PvP little to no RP... Yesterday when we had a d-7 member Juri hostage we tried to negotiate but they only told us all to surrender and lay down arms and then they would talk smack calling us "Pussy's" and other rude names. It's to the point where most of these people are there just to fight and not rp they bait an initiation or just initiate on us because they're excuse is we have ex saviors in our group. Then last night when we all hopped off cause it was late they go and grief most of our stuff at base so they can attack us and take us out easier today. We don't really want to fight we just want to have an RP hub full of survivors to create decent Roleplay within the server.
  8. Hmu to fix your cars

  9. Windex n his bois


    1. ZombyOG


      wheres me?!?!


  10. GrizzlyOG

    The Line

    I see myself
  11. Tyriq was born in a small village in Nigeria and lived there for his 26 years of his life before he decided to move to Cherno to retire. He made a lot of money in Nigeria from dealing drugs and being a doctor and a little bit of gambling here and there. But his coke addiction soon caught up with him and so did the gangs so this forced him to leave America and find some place to lay low for a while. He soon found himself in Russia working at a mill to make a little bit extra cash for his rent and not much long after getting his job at the mill there was an outbreak. He found himself fleeing up north to find something new.
  12. You guys actually killed him we had no guns pointed at them
  13. GrizzlyOG

    The Revenants [Open Recruitment]

    The hype is real
  14. GrizzlyOG

    Savior Collage

  15. *Picks up radio* Remember that time when we came to the triangle and kabinino was a thing? Yeah now its a ghost town... *Radio goes silent*
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