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  1. I would like to role play as a rather passive, chill dude, just easy going. His name will be Keanu Kailua. He's the go with the flow type of guy, but won't back down if someone insults his or his families honor. Develops a deep bond with close friends. He spent most of his days on the beach surfing or drinking beers with his boys. He struck it rich on a trip to Vegas and decided to travel the world and network with the filthy rich. He traveled all the lands searching for new experiences to try to find a fulfilling life for himself. At first, it was seemingly harmless, he spent time living in luxury and relaxing in foreign countries like Bora Bora and Thailand, soaking up the sun and sipping on smoothies while staying in five star hotels. As time went on, he started to let the money get to his head, enjoying the benefits of being rich in a civilized world for too long, he turned to drugs for a while to find new highs to chase. What use to be a peaceful and enjoyable existence had turned into a rather dark time in his life. After being on drugs for a long while and losing quite a bit of money, he finally started to come to his senses and tried to find his way back to enjoying his old lifestyle. He ended up getting involved with some sketchy people who promised him great riches, experiences, and networking opportunities in a far away place in Eastern Europe. While on the flight over in first class, he noticed one of the passengers start to become sick. The passenger started exhibiting severe symptoms so the plane had to perform an emergency landing in Chernarus. After landing, he soon realized that there was an outbreak of the disease and had to escape. During his time on Chernarus he has used his superior athleticism and survival skills from living on an island most of his life in order to survive up to this point. Keanu uses his easy going and chill nature to his advantage when interacting with other survivors when he can. He gets along well with like-minded people. His go with the flow attitude does make him prone to manipulation by those who try to coax him with friendship. Likes to reminisce about the old days hanging out on the sunny beaches of Hawaii and will impart lessons taught by his family and friends there to others he meets in Chernarus, this helps him cope with the new reality of his world. Being thrust into this new, unforgiving world has made him somewhat jaded, numb, and neutral. He yearns for friends who he can connect with and relate to in order to regain the sense of belonging he had once before which will help him revert back to his old, more positive self little by little. He hopes to eventually build a community that works together to provide a healthy, safe environment in which they protect and respect each other. He doesn't want to rob others, but doesn't shy from doing what he has to do to get by. He has a warrior spirit imbued by his Hawaiian heritage that helps him fight through hard times.
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