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  1. You i really hope there is atleast one roleplay server for xbox if not i trust that there will be one soon, if there is one someone please direct me to instructions because frankly, im clueless.
  2. Just got my first xbox one to realize that dayz was released to the xbox community, im so glad this happend, you cannot understand how happy this makes me. About 5 years ago my buddy purchased a PC, i would show up at his house with some weed and we would just go to town on some dayz (mostly berenzino bandit encounters) So eventually he got boerd and moved on from dayz but i stayed because im a huge fan of dayz, i tell everyone i know that if they wanna play a real mans game they gotta download dayz, theres no other experience like it. I re watch balckout and mr.moon videos alll day lol, but this is great so now i can live the dream ive always dreamt of and play dayz with my friends without having to spend 1k on a gaming pc. So now im ready to do some roleplay, even if there isnt an xbox roleplay server i would still like to be apart of the community because i love dayz and its a beautiful game and i wanna be there every step of the way.
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