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  1. It was a great rp guys. Stay cool. Hope to see u all again and bring vodka!
  2. Leif Skölden is a guy who still thinks in the old ways. He get to Chernarus with a ship he was traveling with his brother Harald Skölden. He came in Chernarus to kill all zombies in this lands. Leif think that the apocalypse is the ragnarok (End of the world in the old viking ways of thinking). Leif is from Alesund (Norway). His family is very old since the viking times. When he was a little child his mother and father have made Leif and his brother Harald believe in the Viking gods. All his family has died because of the virus. He has only his brother.Leif came to Chernarus with his brother on 25 July 2017.They put a leg on Svetlojarsk when his ship crashed in the Svetlojarsk's port. All chernarus were infected so the brothers Skölden had a lot of work to do. The Skölden brother believe that if they just kill zombies since they die they will reach Vallhala.
  3. El Lobo means Wolf in Spanish.Lobo arrived in Chernarus in 26th June 2016. He was on a secret mission by CIA. The mission taked to long so Lobo was here when all started in 11th July. Lobo have done all to survive all the situations he was trained by the CIA so it wasnt too hard for him.Max is born in Valencia city in Spain. He lived in a good family so he has all , but he dont like that kind of life so decided to enlist in the Spanish secret forces. Max Mikelez worked for the CIA in Ukraine. When it was there he met Mihail Nitolovski (VARG) and they become a very good friends.These days VARG has died without a reason by a guys with orange armbands in Kabanino.Lobo have recieved a message from Bjorn Thornson VARGs partner that he died. First mission of Max..Find who killed his old friend and seek justice. Secound mission...Become a head hunter and take his old friends job. Third.. make a group By Justice friendly people and help the good persons and bring justice to the bad asses.
  4. Neutral Sniper killer seeking for price for bandit heads. Good in the torture to recieve information. Cold blood but a good person too , helping the friendly survivors. VARG has no family his mother, father died in car crash. All other familiars he had left him in orphanage when he was 3 years old.Soo he has no one to care about. Part of his mission by the KGB was to take a ship from Chornomorsk in Ukraine on 29 June 2017 and arrive in Berezino´s port on 6th of July 2017. But there were unknown climatic changes , soo the ship was broke and the provisions start disapearing. VARG was like 3 weeks in the sea. When the ship was arriving Chernarus there was no fuel so it crashed in the coast rocks near Berezino.VARG put a leg on Chernarus in 23th July 2017. And immediately was captured by Chernarusian soldiers that were waiting the ship search it for resources.When they didnt find anything useful they released him. All the crew was dead as long VARG knows. Since this day VARG started finding food , weapons and other resources like all survivors on this lands. He was thinking about what to do in feature a long time in Chernarus.
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