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  1. I was a maths teacher before the outbreak, teaching secondary school pupils. My best friend used to be a teacher too in the same school, his name was Matt. We both wanted a break from the life of a teacher so we organised a flight away to Chenarus, which we heard had very good skiing facilities. Unfortunately the outbreak started just as we left and people on the plane were infected. The plane was soon filling up with the undead but Matt saved my life by blocking a door so the zombies couldn't get to us. I successfully negotiated with the plane pilots to let me in the cabin door and Matt got eaten just as they let me in. I survived the plane crash to Chenarus. t crashed and i swam to a shore. I'm now wrecked with guilt and feel that i shouldn't be alive. My only hope is to help people hope again and help those who cannot help themselves. My mentality is ok and my first priority is to make some friends with good people and look for food water and weapons to survive and defend against bandits. My negotiating skills are my biggest strong point and I've just now realised that from the plane crash. I was single before the outbreak with no family alive.
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