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  1. Ghost of SumoS

    Good day laddies!

    Best horny lad. You did good, mate. Dissapointed that clan skins weren't one of your objectives.
  2. Ghost of SumoS

    Staff team changes

  3. Ghost of SumoS

    My time has finally come...

  4. Ghost of SumoS

    Badass quotes thread

    Oh boy, I do!
  5. Changed a lot over the time I was here. Originally it was a very informal environment that didn't curb anyone's idea or foster creativity. People just did shit and didn't KOS each other. It was fun and chaotic with the big groups dominating the server such as CB or BB. Scary times. I remember hiding in a shed as their convoy drove past me, shitting myself. After that the big changes were the Role Play enforcement. That brought about some of the best stories we saw on here and I felt that was when RP hit it's peak. It allowed creativity to flourish alongside giving people a framework to build on so it was not as chaotic to play. It still remained a chaotic scenario to play in but it was easier to get involved in for the inexperienced. Over-time it became more and more controlled due to the actions of players and the inability of staff members to control the situation without a more diverse set of rules. This I feel was the point where it became a bit too much and the whole methodology of the rules and the heavy handedness of staff started to deter any creative thinking. For example, some staff members felt that certain actions were not kosher and punished regardless of it being in the spirit of role play. However, some players also sought out these grey areas to use them for their own gain also, as is natural for anyone testing boundaries. Frankly, part of what made DayZRP great for me has long been gone. Groups creating dynamic, interesting story lines and forming creative ways to express these in-game. Focusing on telling stories and furthering plots, not for their own enjoyment but for the entertainment of everyone involved. Antagonist, protagonist and victim alike. As time went on and the rules became more clear-cut in forcing players to adhere to specific methods to play it stopped being a role playing community and became more akin to a simulator with controlled boundaries. I guess I can see the appeal there for some but having to witness the same scenario day-in day-out became numbing. Best Change: Role Play focus Worst Change: Stricter focus on more scripted role play. Less dynamic. Random image for old time's sake:
  6. Ghost of SumoS

    Leaving/Left/I don't even know, read the thread

    also... sex... female? wtf
  7. That's a binding contract. I'll pick em up on Monday.
  8. Give me your fat Satan cats. Gotta visit so you can give us a free night out!
  9. Ghost of SumoS

    New whitelist system coming Soon™

    Shouldn't isn't the same as is not. The permaban checks and Steam checks are fine as I guess they revolve around previous data that was used, Ip and other logs on previous profiles but what is involved with the secret security checks? If you want it automated then this needs to be transparent, otherwise it makes you liable if something goes wrong. It may not be your intent but it still highlights that issue with having a top-secret piece of entrance criteria. Touch on it. also We know you hit major stalls during the holiday periods and you have looked to automate processes during these periods, this seems like one of your usual gut decisions.
  10. Ghost of SumoS

    New whitelist system coming Soon™

    If it is an automated process what does this entail? This needs to be gone into more detail to have a transparent automatic process. Otherwise it puts you liable for questionable ethics depending on what they are. Will there be a donator and non-donator application process? There should not be considering the whole process of quicker whitelisting for donators was to ease an Admins priority and give them a better service. If it is automated then that makes the donator/non-donator queue times a moot issue. On the matter at hand, what the hell? Is this based on the holiday rush for more young'ns playing with less older staff being available due to other RL concerns during this time? Surely there is another way of going about this that can be equally convenient and less dogmatic as an automated system with no transparency whatsoever?
  11. Ghost of SumoS

    Let's see who is the tallest person here in the community!

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