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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I believe the verdict is not fair because in the video shown in the report I was not the one who said ''I'm dead from a mousin''. Everything I said could of been said in a radio but not the part when we were thinking if we should report the dude that shot me. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: In the video you could see that I was not talking to anyone as I did not see anyone to talk to while I was in the barrack. Even though I reacted when he said that I would of seen the body right outside the barrack and I did when I stepped out. I was talking to him while he was walking around to ask if he was still shooting, and in rp I could of asked him that in the radio because I heard gunshots. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of my 3 day ban and my 10 warning points so I can play on the server sooner. What could you have done better?: Nothing
  2. POV: @DenKserw and I were looting and killing zombies here and there, as we were walking we heard some gunshots to the building on our left we investigated and found out it was a guy we first met in Lopatino. His name was Brody, he told us to run because he had just shot with an unsuppressed firearm and that there were lots of zombies. So we ran but not far because he were carried lots of heavy gear making our stamina lower. We went beside this barrack and we turned around to kill the zombies we killed them all but as we were killing them I looked to my left to see a flash in the space under the stone wall around the compound. I thought it was a person helping us shoot the zombies but he actually shot me because I don't think one hit from a zombie ever can't make my health lower so much(it was between the yellow health and full health). I run in the barrack thinking it was an accident since @DenKserw and I were moving a lot and he hit me by mistake. I patch up myself and my clothing and when I was loading my ak clip I hear a shot from seemed like a mousin and that was the shot that killed @DenKserw I hide for a bit then I run out to get away and see his dead body. His m4 and and ammo for it was missing meaning the guy looted it off of him. The server crashes I join back for less than 2 minutes to see if his body is still there to save some of his stuff but it isn't so I log.
  3. Jack Slyner was born in January of 2001. He lived in Chernarus and had a farm and land with his father Nikolai Slyner. Jack's mother passed away when they went family hunting and was killed by a bear in 2014. He was depressed after his mother's death and started taking pills for depression and hid it from his father which led to little family communication and they were both set apart after that. Then his trying to engage his son showed him how to shoot different firearms like pistols, snipers, and assault rifles. Jack found in interest in shooting firearms and soon overcame depression. In 2015 his closest neighbor, a friend sold Jack a jeep illegally. He took it out on a rocky drive at times, he really loved that jeep, he took good care of it. Jack's family continued to make money from selling crops at their farm. Jack's father was one of the first infected, when he saw his father acting weird he knew something was wrong since his father was swinging at him. Jack ran out of the house his infected father followed he ran back in, closed the door got a bag pack with his guns and food, and drove up north in search of a new home. His father was his best friend, it was hard for him.
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