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  1. He was part of the research team who was making an effort to create a cure for the "zombie disease" in Ukraine. He and the team escaped from the apocalypse onto the cargo ship which was tasked by NATO to pick up the brilliant scientists and a few test subjects along with military escort. He was there as a part of military squad that was assigned to protect the scientists. As days passed by, many test subjects and eventually passengers, that were on that ship have undergone a severe tests but it was hard to further develop the cure as eventually most of them turned into zombies which had to be executed. Days have passed and it became apparent that the situation is becoming critical as more and more people got infected, up to a point where the situation could not be controlled be anymore. Wolf tried to escape the situation by getting on one of the lifeboats, however in doing so he accidentally tripped over one of the bodies and hit his head hard which knocked him out cold. Days later he woke up on coast of Berezino in Chernarus. The hit to his head caused amnesia so he didn't know what happened upon waking up. It did appear though that his wound on the head has healed a bit. All alone there he must now go on a path of remembering what kind of person he was and he how ended up being there. The only thing he remember is his name Wolf. It is only a mystery to him how and what will trigger his "lost" memories and help him solve the puzzle of who he is.
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