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  1. I was born in Novigrad in 1975 to a nationalist father who was a fishing boat captain and a mother who worked in a bakery. My father seeing no end to the conflict in his homeland decided to immigrate to the Americas in 1981. We arrived in america in late 1982 after a brief stint in Europe waiting on visa's. All was good till my second year of high school when my father became to ill to work any more. My mother who had been working in a bakery on and off had to support the family on her own and I started taking odd jobs and helping in the bakery as well. We fell on very hard times and the family struggled so my mothers sister, my aunt moved in as she had immigrated to the U.S. a few years after we did. Unfortunately my father passed away before I could graduate high school and my mother took it very hard after his passing. So seeing no real future for my self or my family I joined the army straight out of high school. After two years I was assigned to the Army Core of Engineers and spent time building infrastructure in south america and Africa. In 2008 I had the opportunity to go to my family's homeland with NATO to work on infrastructure projects rebuilding parts of Chernarus. When NATO was asked to leave ,or forced to as some said I decided to stay and lived with my uncle on my fathers side in Miroslav. I was working as a electrical apprentice when the virus swept through the country side. The "Frenzied Flu" as they were calling it on the news, hit the town of Miroslav very hard and fast. Within just a few days my uncle and his family succumbed to the virus as well as most of the town. A day later the army moved in and started quarantined the infected and rumors of the army executing the townsfolk started. As soon as i heard the rumors I packed up everything I could carry and headed into the woods and headed north. I met up with a few survivors after I moved into the woods and heard that the virus had claimed almost everyone they knew. It was then I decided to live off the land in the woods as the animals didn't seem to be affected by the virus. There were more survivors that I came across but with the times being what they were no one was trustworthy so i didn't stay with anyone for too long. I've been living on my own ever since on what ever i could hunt or fish to survive hoping someday there will be a cure ...
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