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  1. Nick "Ghost" Roberts was always a hard working man. He lost his parents in his younger life, Father dying at 14, Mother at 21. He was a Top-Tier Construction Worker in the city of New York, his hometown. He had run into troubles with local populaces, mostly among the mobsters. Facing these trials he had to find a new life, His company offered to trade him for 5 Russian workers. Seeing it as his opportunity to get away from being a local known man with problems. He was moved to the city of Chernogorsk to begin his new life. He was never married, and a only sibling, meaning he is the only member of his family. Now in this Post-Apocalyptic environment, Ghost needs to do what ever one else must, survive, hopefully his hard work ethic pays off, because he will need it for the tribulations that are to come.
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