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  1. Hayden was a simple office worker in Chernarus before the war and the outbreak. He actually, despite appearances has a wealth of knowledge on survival skills. These were mostly obtained from countless hours of reading/watching survival guides and tutorials online, while bored during during work hours. The thought that these trivial survival skills would actually end up being the difference between life and death had never occurred to him. When news began to spread of the strange happenings in Chernarus, he, along with the rest of the population were on edge. When the outbreak finally occurred, he was staying late at his job, putting in some overtime hours, when he heard the chaos erupt in the streets. He grabs his big winter jacket with a pocket knife, and whatever other odds and ends he has in his pockets. He braces himself and hopes for the best as he walks out the office building door, and into the chaos laden streets.
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