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  1. Jace is a virus-immune survivor who came to Chernarus initially due to the increase of job openings in the area. When the economy was booming, Jace found a job doing what he does best, working with his hands. Ever since he was a kid, he had always had an affinity for making things. On top of this, Jace has basic skills with a simple bolt-action-rife, as his late father often took him hunting on the weekends he wasn't travelling for business. As the plague hit, and humanity fell, Jace found himself to be a refugee along with many other survivors. He found himself to be immune to the mysterious virus, as the group of survivors he was with was attacked by a horde of the undead. All of the members of the group, save for Jace became infected. Seeing what happened to those around him, he prepared to join them in their cruel fate, as one of the undead had scratched him. When he didn't turn however, he pressed on. Being the last one of the group remaining, he ventures forth into the unknown, unsure of his fate, but hopeful for the future.
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