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  1. *Dan takes a deep breath and picks up his radio* I've been apart of the demons since they were created. I joined them because I was clueless and thought that the demons were not evil, yes I know thats stupid. The demons are truly evil people, and their leader, Clyde Jackson, is the personification of evil. Clyde has executed innocent civilians and performed satanic rituals and sacrifices. The town of Novo is overrun with these demons and their ally, the Saviors. The town of Novo is not safe, The Saviors and Demons are evil people and I have seen it first hand. I heavily suggest and urge anyone close to Novo to leave, please head somewhere safer, like Kabanino and Lopatino. The green dragons and the District have made sure that those towns are safe, and protected. *Dan takes another breath, pausing and reflecting on his time in the Demons* I beg of anyone that hears this, please forgive me and the men who stand beside me as we are going to revolt. We want to get rid of the demons as much as anyone else, these evil evil men. If you see anyone of us former demons, we beg for forgiveness. Clyde is an evil man and we are going to revolt and get rid of him and the terror he spreads across Chernarus. I am putting down this yellow armband and never looking back. I, Daniel Straus ask of you to help us reintegrate into society and to forgive us for our actions. *Daniel, teary eyed, puts the radio down*
  2. *Picks up radio and begins speaking* "This is Dan, I shall be taking over leadership of the Demons for the time being, or until we find somebody else suitable for leading the group" "Let this be known, the execution of our leader Clay Cassidy WILL NOT GO UNPUNISHED!" "Mr irish fuck, you have signed your death warrant my good sir, your days are numbered" "You shall be Cleansed of the all the wrong doings you have done to the people of Chernarus" "You shall be BATHED IN THE BLOOD OF THE WICKED" "This is an open broadcast to all members of the District, be warned, be weary, changes are coming very soon my good friends...." *Lays down radio*
  3. we are going to in a few minutes, typing it out and refining it.
  4. Death Warrant - Signed Guns - Loaded lets go boys
  5. Daniel grew up in Northern America. He is smart, cold, and calculating. He always has options to get out of any hostile situation. Daniel was a hunter in his free time, and an environmentalist as his job. He grew up in the boy scouts and has survival skills, knows how to live in the woods with no technology indefinitely. He was always a very caring, emotionally vulnerable man. His girlfriend of two year died from cancer when he was 19, causing him to lose himself mentally. He decided to travel the world to help get his mind off of the sorrow he felt. He traveled the world, met many women, made a lot of money from schemes, but he still felt incomplete. One day in Austria he decided to take LSD to help him figure out what he needs to do to mend his broken personality. He decided to leave and drop everything he had and live alone in the woods. He went to Chernarus with only a hunting knife and heavy clothes.
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