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  1. I've been on my way for a long time ... I've lost a lot ... It was an easy cruise, but everything turned out differently than expected ... But these are just fuzzy memories that are hidden behind a gray curtain of fog and I have no access to them, I'll tell you about them ... The history With the love of my life, I once booked a month-long cruise. We could well imagine that this cruise would be something special, but this is "special" in the eye of the beholder. We heard about the unrest and the alleged illness, but we did not concern ourselves with it. Oh how I just hate the day ... if only we had been better prepared ... Events turned over time, we should actually dock, but the captain seemed to have other plans. It was about the disease, we weren't allowed to dock, and we had to stay in the open sea. Time passed, I don't know exactly how long we drifted on the open sea, but the military and aid organizations kept sending us supplies. But this ended abruptly, but the captain of the ship did not want to go ashore. Did he know more like us? Riots broke out on the ship and it also appeared that someone had contracted the disease. Was the food contaminated? When we isolated the person and I overheard a brief radio message from the captain, I was terrified. It seemed like he was talking about an epidemic and a pickup, but I thought that this would only be for him because he was keeping it so secret. I told my girlfriend, which was now also frightened. One day, however, the events rolled over ... The captain had disappeared with a lifeboat, a warship could be seen in the distance, the isolated person suddenly behaved strangely. The man gasped and bared his teeth. Another passenger wanted to see what could be missing, but suddenly this man attacked him. Suddenly we heard gunshots in the distance, everything happened pretty quickly. An explosion caused the ship to break up and slowly begin to sink. The explosion threw me off the ship ... The last thing I saw was my girlfriend who called me before it went black before my eyes ... The way I regained consciousness on a beach ... Everything hurts, I was freezing ... I got up slowly ... Tried to remember what had happened, but nothing ... a laceration gaped on the back of my head ... I got up , looked around ... what happened? Where am I? Slowly I set off to find civilization again, but that was a while ago ... I struggled to survive the last time, but nothing came back from my memories. The hunt was my friend, it seemed like I knew a lot about it, but I couldn't remember why. The way was long and arduous, but now I met a new country, Chernarus ... I stayed away from cities for a long time, but I have to try to find survivors ... The only thing that came to my mind through a dream is, when a woman called out a name: "JOHN!" Is this my name I will call myself that first so that I can identify myself with others ...
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