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  1. Considering I gave you and the other guy we ran into prior fees stuff it could be assumed I would not be a guy robbing people
  2. I run solo and just acquired all of said gear so I was for sure not the person that held you up I have never robbed a single person on my time on the server.
  3. Dont have are previous interaction recorded as my replay recording did not got back enough. the only interaction is the 50 seconed clip i posted. after reviewing his character it also appears the robbing and his interaction are against his characters morals and alignment further supporting my case of rule break of 4.4
  4. HI @Phoenix will do will take a couple hours though (bad internet) Edit: Sorry i cant as are interaction was farther back then my 20min replay recording. The video i posted was are only interaction applicable. all our encounter prior was me giving him a bit of food and parting ways. the only reason he asked me for bullets was so he could start robbing me well i was in the inventory screen. im reporting him for rule 4.4 robbing someone for only the sake of gear and no other RP
  5. Server and location: Dayz Chernarus/ NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-10-18 8:40 (aprox) Your in game name: Devan Noble Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: N/A Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://youtu.be/mSkbmqO8Hqk did not record my mic Detailed description of the events: met up with him about 10 minutes prior he asked if there was any guns in the area told him ya just some small stuff gave him a bit of food and we then went are separate ways. then he runs up asking for bullets which i go to give him and then he attempts to rob me. (being very tired of getting robbed, all that seems to be happening lately) i tested my luck and did not go in my favor. To me this seems like a obvious rule break of 4.4 as no role play was even attempted and all he was looking for was my gear.
  6. My name is Devan Noble I was born January 31st, 1980 im a past Special Operations agent heavily trained military personal specialized in marksmanship, I worked for the Canadian government. Before the collapse, I was an underground agent that dealt mostly with foreign issues now im the leader of a large colony on the Southampton Island in Nunavut Canada that the government created. We never see infected up around our parts as we are located on a small island and the few that do, seem to get cleaned up by local wildlife. Well I was on a supply run my family and another household was attacked by a few infected and all lost there lives. It has been 4 months since there death and I was starting to get back to a normal routine. Of working out at the gym, keeping up on target practice and enjoying life out on my sailboat when weather permits. I have also just finished rebuilding the engine on my father's old car a 1967 Dodge Challenger that I have taken quite the liking too. But all this has changed since June 1st. One night I hear a loud smash in my living room as I go to investigate I see a masked man approaching the stairs to my room, Closed the door and stuffed pillows under my blanket and grab my combat knife. He opened the door and unload a gun into my bed I hit the gun and lunged the knife into the side of his neck killing him instantly, removed his mask to see he is a known assassin Vitomir Valeryevich based on a past mission including the group “Caucasus Emirate” during the 2017 martial law incident, I was tasked with killing the leader of the highly dangerous extremist group in the country of Chernarus. Putting it all together I believe I know he’s at fault for the infections in my colony and my family's death. After a long journey on the oceans, I set sail back in July and have finally made it to the country, the travel delt many deathly blows on the way. When crossing the Atlantic we hit a deadly storm and one of my crew was pushed overboard and was never spotted. Once we reached Istanbul the channel was blocked by a sunk crew ship so we knew we had to make the rest on foot. After walking the woods for what felt like weeks we made it to a small town and managed to get a car working but that was short lived when we hit a group of scavengers in Samsun we tried to fight them off but we were in the car below an overpass. My last crew member sacrificed himself distracting them well I retreated to a farther back car killing 5 of them till I got shot in the upper left arm. I managed to trade all of my gear but the clothes on my back to some locals for a boat ride to the coast of Chernarus. Now I'm out to find who sent Vitomir to get the justice my colony deserves.
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