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  1. Clayton grew up in the big city of Miami, with his family, and was extremely attached to the wildlife that Florida offered. But once he realized what other countries did, or would do for beneficial or economic gain, he joined the well known group.called "Greenpeace." Knowingly hated by Russians, he felt that chernarus had a chance to be changed by greenpeace. To help the country was to help the environment, and that's all he cared for. Upon entering chenarus he couldn't help, but take in all the beauty it offered, plenty of Forest, but it also had it's industrial side. It didn't take long for him to hate the well established cities of chernarus.
  2. Clay_Bridges

    S1 Dolina 04:30 Killing of Complying hostage

    As asked POV: I was roaming around town with yak, as we had previously heard shots in town, none seemed random, or sporadic enough to be considered any type of firefight. I noticed the guy running with a shot gun, and assumed.he was the one shooting. I had then ran up to him, and asked if he could please not shooting. He responded with very obscure words, and also asked if I was demanding. As you can see in the video we followed this person not because of just how he spoke, but how he acted?? The shots he was making seemed strange in a way, so we were curious. He then proceeded to call us cannibals... As after that he mentioned his name, and yak recognized it. After all if it was one the members that raided the base we'd be happy to conversate with him. As you can see yak initiated on him I did not...(I might as well of not existed) I also never fired a single shot within the whole conflict... As yak was holding him up i was informed that there was a guy and the bush, and that the hostage needed to drop his radio. The guy in the bush never met yaks demands and then shots opened up. All I know from there was I was waking up in a Forest with little to no recollection of what happened. (Also from my understanding yak made it out alive... But they claim they shot yak?? So I'd guess they found someone with an orange bag and just shot them... No idea.)
  3. Clay_Bridges

    S1 Dolina 04:30 Killing of Complying hostage

    I think this sums it all up.
  4. Clay_Bridges

    S1 Polana | NVFL & Baiting

    In no way was I Happy about dying??? And you don't hear me once in that recording... The software never recorded my voice.
  5. Clay_Bridges

    S1 Polana | NVFL & Baiting

    POV: I had came to the town originally as mentioned above with a completely innocent and worth while time. I had talked to the gate guard named Anthony, and we were having a somewhat civil conversation. Once he became extremely hostile to me, I told him who I actually was, and how I had no intentions of killing anyone at the current moment I just wanted to talk. I then left town to deliver some supplies to a near by town, returning about 30-45 minutes later. Anthony recognizes me, we talk a little bit more, as he gets legion to wake up, in which I was talking to Anthony. About the fight earlier. (In no way was I trying to stir a mess, we both had conflicting information.) The main reason I was there, was on the basis of why we are called cannibals when they got that information from finding a blood bag on a medic??? I was later informed by legion Corp with him saying "Are you trying to get us to walk out so your friends can shoot us??" In return I said no. I am in no way trying to fight you. (I would presume that would be fairly obvious if I didn't shoot or run when caught at your lock. In which I never touched with the saw. ((Though it was not a hacksaw)) but none the less they had the correct suspicion) In the end I was yelled at by a legion member telling me to leave town, I did as I was asked, and was on the outskirts of town. I threw a grenade (completely out of town) and that's when they came running. At this point I was seen near the apple fields quite close to town, so instead of running (and getting shot) I approached them. From there they yelled run!! "I responded with "my ankles hurt" he then said if I don't run he was going to shoot me. So I started to run as I was commanded (though it was in no way what I wanted to do... Walking is what I wanted. But since I was gonna die I did as they asked.) Then when I started running there demands got bigger "sprint! Sprint! You have 5, 4, then they fired shots. How was I supposed to know if it was warning or at me. (As is legion Corp has been known for making people run, then kill them. And other dirty things, so with me knowing this do you think I was gonna die peacefully or try and take one out??) I turned as in the video and managed to snag one. The whole point about "we got em" is just showing how I managed to kill one before I was killed. (Regardless of the situation I was going to be killed so I was within my right to fire back. after all shots were fired how do I know they weren't at me?!?) Lastly me showing hunters message has nothing to do with hate, it was just simple proof to show that you got on, infact most of the team thought that you were shot I have no idea. And there were no ill intentions ment about it... Again baiting was never the case as I said I was not trying to cause a fight, you all came out for a fight. (Baiting would be closer to what you all did with your prisoner. Having her say "help me out" in which we said we would... Then leaving a radio on her??? To have her communicate to the Wolfpack that someone is busting her out?? Sure that is within realm of rp but asking to be busted out then signaling your captiees seems way more like bait then this...) (I have no hate towards anyone within this server what is in character stays in character besides why would I hate anyone??)
  6. I mean correct me if I'm wrong but there are some rules that state you can't transmitt or receive any in game information "unless double micing in game" and if your character has access to there inventory... Not being actively upon the server would seem AT that current moment you can't just tell all your friends what's happening because you don't actually has access to your radio... Not sure I think this all is a grey area
  7. I am Clay Briggs I was In Polana outside the "wolfpack's" compound to the right of the main gate, inside a small building watching the gate. (We had previously surveyed the town to make sure no one was around or in town. In which no one was) We set a few of our guys up top, to have sniping advantage, and had everyone on radio. I was informed that the wolfpack had someone held captive within the compound, and that luka was within there. (I was informed by the members within the compound that the prisoner asked to be helped, and from my understanding thats all they said... They never radio'd via in game coms that she was letting wolfpack know.) I then watched several people suddenly run in wearing blue and green arm bands. I assume they said something but i was too far from the gate, and did not hear what they said if anything. All of a sudden gunfire erupted in the compound then one wolfpack member came running out and straight towards me, and to the right of my building. I ran out and rounded the corner to start opening fire then died. (Like mentioned I have no issue with the death, but the sudden amount of people that "woke up" that happend to be when we were there.) From my understanding the report has been dropped. I am fine with this.
  8. I'd agree, this would definitely allow many more base locations. Rather than the current, of building in an open, and flat "enough" area... we could build where we like.
  9. Clay Briggs is an independent pilot, looking to log his hours, in hopes to achieve his ATP license one day. So he and his brother Yakone Briggs agreed on a pro-rata share renting a small dual engine plane. This was the first step... Clay knew well that his brother had his own magazine, but didn't think much of it. After all, he had bigger things to worry about. ​​​​​​ After being briefed on where they were headed, they set out to Chenarus, with a small dual-engine plane, where they landed in Novigrad. It was quite obvious with the small country decision his brother had made it was for a story and not a vacation... Once they left Novigrad the two traveled north, as Clay at this point was more of an accomplice, than anything... He was just enjoying his time away from the states. After months had passed a disease had spread across the globe, leaving governments useless, and in disarray. Or at least from what they understood, They hadn't really had any contact with the outside world since the outbreak... The two brothers were forced closer together as what usually wasn't dead, wanted to kill them. Sure they didn't have a plan... But they prioritized find food, clothing, and protection. You never really knew what was around the next corner. But the last ditch effort for them was too make it back to there small dual engine plane in Novigrad... If it was still there??
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