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  1. I'd agree, this would definitely allow many more base locations. Rather than the current, of building in an open, and flat "enough" area... we could build where we like.
  2. Clay Briggs is an independent pilot, looking to log his hours, in hopes to achieve his ATP license one day. So he and his brother Yakone Briggs agreed on a pro-rata share renting a small dual engine plane. This was the first step... Clay knew well that his brother had his own magazine, but didn't think much of it. After all, he had bigger things to worry about. ​​​​​​ After being briefed on where they were headed, they set out to Chenarus, with a small dual-engine plane, where they landed in Novigrad. It was quite obvious with the small country decision his brother had made it was for a story and not a vacation... Once they left Novigrad the two traveled north, as Clay at this point was more of an accomplice, than anything... He was just enjoying his time away from the states. After months had passed a disease had spread across the globe, leaving governments useless, and in disarray. Or at least from what they understood, They hadn't really had any contact with the outside world since the outbreak... The two brothers were forced closer together as what usually wasn't dead, wanted to kill them. Sure they didn't have a plan... But they prioritized find food, clothing, and protection. You never really knew what was around the next corner. But the last ditch effort for them was too make it back to there small dual engine plane in Novigrad... If it was still there??
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