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  1. Evening mates, I'm Crimson, but I RP as Frank the Marine online. You ever need any healing while out and about, I'm your man.
  2. Frank was born as the fifth child in a family of nine, his parents being a pair of Catholic ranchers. The tallest as well as the biggest of the family, he was usually the one assigned to the heavier and harder tasks around the family ranch. Frank, however, was fated for something more than the small town rancher life. As soon as he finished high school at seventeen, he enlisted into the Marine Corps to escape the life, much to the disappointment of his parents. Finding himself at Camp Pendleton, he soon found himself facing the difficulties of boot camp, but found that he enjoyed it regardless of the hardships, finding that he was somewhat suited to first aid, as well as breaching structures. Finishing up boot and SOI, he found himself stationed at Camp Lejeune North Carolina, and it was there that his unit, the 2nd Marine Division, was shipped out as part of a U.N taskforce being sent to the Green Sea as part of a larger operation. Assigned as his squads designated automatic rifleman, his squad was part of the Marine force sent into the Elektrozavodsk area, and it was there that he has his first ever encounters with the infected. Finding the chaos of the coming days to be a far cry from what he'd been trained for, he nevertheless kept his cool for the most part, though the lack of adequate rest and the near constant fighting took a toll on even him, causing him to develop a bit of an impatient streak that he tries to keep down when around others. During the fighting retreat the U.S forces were pulling off, he was cut off from his squad after a CDF soldier who'd been attacked pulled the pins on his grenades and went out with a bang, setting off chaos as apparently the trooper had also been a demoman, the resulting explosion throwing him into a building and knocking him out. Coming to a few minutes later, he found himself alone with only the dead, dying, and undead around him, and he did the only sane thing he could do - he ran. His attempts to meet up with friendly forces always seemed to end in failure, with them either withdrawing or being overrun before he arrived. Once he gave up trying, he decided that at the very least he'd get as many civilians out alive as possible. So off the giant marine strode, fully accepting his fate of dying far away from home, but praying he helped as many as he could before that happened.
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