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  1. Brendon Holmes was born on April 12, 1995, and grew up in New alongside his Older brother Dylan. Dylan raised Brendon through their childhood, to which the pair heavily struggled with. Joel during his youth, he initially aspired to become a singer. Later however, Joel had a daughter named Demi and he was married to her mother for a short period of time. Saddled early in life with the responsibilities that come with being a father, he never had the opportunity to attend college In the beginning of Outbreak, Brendon arrives home late from work, putting Demi to bed after watching television together. During the early hours of July 17th, 2016, Brendon's struggle to raise a child on his own is interrupted when the infection breaks out and Brendon is forced to take his daughter out of town, just hours after his birthday. He is forced to shoot his neighbor dead in self defense. After calming Demi, he is joined by his brother Dylan in the evacuation. After driving towards the highway and trying to make sense of the situation, the group finds the road blocked and are forced to take another route, only for their car to collide with an oncoming vehicle. Once he comes to, Brendon kicks the windshield out so he and Demi can continue on foot. After running through the city, Dylan stays to hold off the infected so Brendon and Demi can flee. The pair make it to the highway, but encounter a soldier. The soldier is ordered by his commanding officer over the radio to kill the two, reluctantly opening fire. Brendon tries to shield Sarah from the shots, but she still takes a fatal hit. Just before the soldier can execute Brendon, Dylan arrives, gunning down the soldier, but he and Dylan cannot do anything to stop Demi's bleeding. Demi Dies in Brendon's Arms. Now 1 year as past and Brendon and Dylan head to Chernarus with the Canadian Medical Assistance Team to Try and Find a cure for this madness!
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