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  1. Im one of the lead guys at the mechanics. I logged in & was told we are being attack because we were inbetween two groups firefighting. I didnt catch who was attacking who, but at the time of logging in things were pretty quiet. After 5 minutes of gun silence we were fired upon from the building opposite the garage, resulting in a couple casualties & a few more wounded. I kept my head down the whole time trying to understand what was really going on. Later on nearing the end of the firefight a guy peered into a gap in a wall of the garage & began firing an assualt rifle into the garage. From what it looked like he was firing in the direction of the garages current residents. Since I wasent clear on what was happening, I fired a single shot into the guys chest attempting to force him to retreat, which he did. After that the mechanics & attacking group resolved the fight by both sides ceasing fire.
  2. Joel Eames is former locally renowned chef of an incredibly popular restaurant called EastApple in Bristol, England. No immediately family apart from his wife who he lived with in Bristol. 20 years before the outbreak Eames had a son who unfortunately died of at a young age. His wifes family lived in Svetloyarsk in Chernarus which is where the Eames couple were visiting during the outbreak. During the first week of the outbreak the family had dispersed & it took Joel Eames 2 weeks to find his wife & her father killed in Kamensk. They had dead moments before he had found them, they were being kept alive for unknown reasons.
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