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  1. Drew7822

    RDM/ Invalid Initiation

    POV: We we're driving and pulled in an area to turn around, saw a guy run out of a building with a shotgun and shouted "Stop the car" that was it, next thing I know our car is stopped our friend was driving at maybe 2 mph and the guy just shot him. Ontop of that they robbed us just for Gear, took all of our guns and both of our cars not a super bif deal to me but I know GearRP isn't really allowed. After a few minutes the guy tried to claim he was trying to run him over at less than 5mph, then called his buddies over to come take our cars.
  2. What is there to tamper? I posted the clips as they we're made, not my fault that Norway or Wong didn't record. No tampering with the files has happened, nor are any being withheld. Quit making accusations that have no evidence.
  3. I was involved in RP and trying to make sure I didn't die let alone everyone yelling and ect. By the time I noticed it, it was Red. You can also see in the clip I attempt to pull my bottle of water out but when two others say "NO, don't give him anything" That's a clear indication for me not to, stating you guys want me to speak before I can have water or food. Ontop of that, I answered every question you guys asked. You guys kept repeating the same question over and over after I had answered it. I don't see any bad RP here on my part, possibly yours?
  4. I'm not going to argue the point, Server reset everyone was loading in I took the chance to eat some food. That's it.
  5. Server reset no one was awake yet so I took the chance to eat some food before getting yelled at, is there a problem?
  6. The clips are not edited, let me check and see if the last one where I meet wolf pack was cut down? (I think it was I will have to check) But i wasn't recording, just running radeon relive. 4k video files are huge and they hit performance hard, so it's just these clips! Not sure if the time I ask Norway for food is in these, however you can see me eating a pear and stuff in the video. Wasn't trying to kill myself some other rule breaks do exist in this encounter but they are minor and not a big deal to me. EDIT: Yeah the video clip when I meet wolf pack was cut down! Uploading the new one right now.
  7. The videos are listed below from start to finish Video 1: Video 2: Video 3: Video 4: Video 5: Video 6: Video 7:
  8. I'm not suggesting getting rid of reports or stopping others from forming reports. Instead encouraging others not break rules and not to enourage Ruleplay like we have seen on the report forums lately.
  9. Hello! In my opinion there should be a max number of reports or a number of reports someone could have open on one's self or against one's self in a short period of time. With each time a big amount of reports are given or received from individuals they should receive something like 1 warning point, and when they rack up the could receive a small ban, ect. This would encourage more engaging RP instead of rule-play and would allow people to be more cautious about situations. This should only affect those who have opened reports and received reports in a short amount of time (Like a week or less) Let me know what you think!
  10. The video was not edited, however I will edit the clips from relive together and upload the full encounter
  11. I'd like to also state, in @Hunter clip he claimed my dehydration to be their execution. Not sure why someone would claim that as an execution if you hadn't planned on your hostage dying from dehydration.
  12. I'm going to call you out right here, I did ask for food from Norway and he did give it to me. I have a recording of it as well if you would like me to upload it and post it. Thanks!
  13. Please keep in mind, even if you do emote as injured as you take damage it resets it to the actual state of damage. Also, if I did it is totally within RP and you should have recognized that as your hostage injured and not in healthy condition.
  14. I'd also like to add, I am very sick IRL and that is a major reason I wasn't gasping nor screaming or rasing and loweting my voice in RP. Usually I would have, but it is very hard right now and very painful.
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