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  1. Yakone Briggs is a young man that traveled from the US to chernarus after completing his schooling and becoming an independent journalist. Working alongside a few others, including one person he traveled with to the region, Dr. Akashi writing the story for the zoologist that moved to the region to study wolves and how they interact in a mostly remote region where they are mostly our of contact from civilization. To this day, he still writes and collects data and writes his story with Dr. Akashi hoping to one day escape the closed borders and turn out the story to the general public.
  2. Hello, I recently came back to DayZRP and well DayZ in general and have tried to login to the server a few times and keep getting the same error. After a few times I realised I needed to slect what server my character needed to be on. Once I did this it still gave me the same issue. Thanks.
  3. My bad, I meant to direct the lying in report towards @AndreyQ after following his quote: "...Your friend is asking 4 other people to surrender in the middle of a firefight at quite a distance where people might not even be able to hear the demands. Like during the OP's video I was talking non stop telling them I am bandaging because they shot me but you can't hear it because I am out of voip range..." Also a gunfight doesn't exist till another party returns fire, in which Clay told you to put your hands up before you returned fire. Otherwise the first shots are considered warning shots. As for my graphic driver that deals with the fact that you said I was talking in-which I clearly was not? And since my drivers crash quite often it resets relive to not record my mic and I often forget that it does that. Quite annoying really. Juicy accusations? I'm sorry, what? You claim that we didn't double mic, ect but your group CLEARLY wasn't whilst you guys ran about not talking at all, maybe you have some sort of telekinesis powers?
  4. Detailed POV: I was taking a nap outside of our compound enjoying the time away from our hard concrete floors and loud winds that fly across our tents. However, my rest was quickly ended when I heard some static from my radio and some frantic yelling from one of our members claiming that there we're unknown people in our base and the gates we're open. (Thus I logged on after receiving messages in our IC channel). Upon waking I made my tired self up to the base to confirm another group had indeed decided to cut our locks in the same day, I slowly make my way up to the group groggy and not really saying much or anything at all. Before I know what happens I hear a Chernorussian man claiming to hate Canadians or something and then starts to leave. Upon their way out I hear someone scream hands up in-which I move about taking defensive positions before taking a shot. During this I hear @Clay_Bridges clearly scream "If your friends don't put their hands up you will die with them". Clay holds fire until the others open fire on me, luckily I had my fancy plate carrier. I then relocate and get gunned down a few seconds later. Next thing I know I'm in the middle of a forest? Who knows what carried me out here, odd right?
  5. Fair enough on regarding my KOS statement, However you guys didn't value your own group members life, yet you claim not to hear him as well? Odd, all of your group members clearly heard him and stated that and now you fall back to lying in a report? Regardless if you heard him or not, your friend with his hands up could clearly hear him and was complying, however once you guys opened fire you neglect his life instead of trying to talk it out. As for the recording, I don't think my relive is setup perfectly and I am fixing it. However, with the constant driver crashes from a heavily modified bios and power play tables it resets my relive and display drives quite often (since they are linked) Please keep in mind I myself nor any of my members wish to argue about this, if you wish to chat it out message me and I'll send you my discord.
  6. That is the full video up to the point in-which I die, after that I re-spawn but I can post it!
  7. The person complying may have personally complied but because his group didn't value his life they opened fire thus killing their own friend. EDIT: Has full video clip as asked for.
  8. POV: Logged on due to others being in our base, they cut locks ect. I came up and stayed mostly silent, was more worried about everything going down. Eventually they devided to leave. Upon leaving I heard someone shout hands up and then I was shot. Since we are a dynamic group I would like to state there WAS no initiation upon me, and since I did not initiate I would like to call for Invalid KOS against one of the OPs group members. A more Detailed POV and recording will be provided in due time.
  9. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I had been captured and escorted down to Chernogorsk where I had met up with Wolf pack and they had asked me the same question over and over asking: "What military are you part of?" Which I had answered stating I am not with any Military and never have been, yet they continued to ask the same question over and over until they shot me. Upon getting shot I was bandaged and realized I needed water which I had in my inventory and stated "I'm a bit thirsty" and was about to pull my water bottle out in which they had yelled "NO, Don't give him anything". SO I didn't pull anything out to make sure I wouldn't break NVFL after being told NOT TO drink or be given anything to drink. Upon reading and agreeing with what was stated in the original report I had saw the appeal come up,. The appeal seemed to be more situated on the presence of the verdict not mentioning a few select rule-breaks. How ever in the report once the verdict is fully read, you can see they touched on every point stating that there was no BadRP, NVFL, Lying in a Report, Avoiding RP or NVFL as seen below in attached files. After the appeal was excepted I had also realized that JimRP is also part of the legion who are directly involved in the situation, to me this seems a bit biased and to much. I would also like to bring attention to the fact upon receiving my NVFL ban it was entered as KoS and I had to go chat with JimRP and myself about the subject matter that only seemed to go in a circle before he fixed the issue of the ban. During this conversation I do believe that JimRP may have acted a bit unprofessional raised his voice while I was calm and not talk over him. JimRP also stated at the beginning of our conversation that he had done the report himself and went over others and made the decisions himself only to go back on that statement a few minutes later saying that he had worked with another GM that had believed the same thing as him, however they din't sign the Appeal with him? This is a bit confusing, if someone believes the same opinion as you and you are going to help push their appeal forward you should sign the appeal as well. Very contraindicating and unprofessional. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: My encounter with JimRP was just unprofessional however this isn't a major issue. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: The original report to be instated for all guilty parties and for my character's NVFL to be removed. What could you have done better?: I could have RP'd better and worked with Wolf pack and not been as stubborn along with not argued with the over the report.
  10. POV: We we're driving and pulled in an area to turn around, saw a guy run out of a building with a shotgun and shouted "Stop the car" that was it, next thing I know our car is stopped our friend was driving at maybe 2 mph and the guy just shot him. Ontop of that they robbed us just for Gear, took all of our guns and both of our cars not a super bif deal to me but I know GearRP isn't really allowed. After a few minutes the guy tried to claim he was trying to run him over at less than 5mph, then called his buddies over to come take our cars.
  11. What is there to tamper? I posted the clips as they we're made, not my fault that Norway or Wong didn't record. No tampering with the files has happened, nor are any being withheld. Quit making accusations that have no evidence.
  12. I was involved in RP and trying to make sure I didn't die let alone everyone yelling and ect. By the time I noticed it, it was Red. You can also see in the clip I attempt to pull my bottle of water out but when two others say "NO, don't give him anything" That's a clear indication for me not to, stating you guys want me to speak before I can have water or food. Ontop of that, I answered every question you guys asked. You guys kept repeating the same question over and over after I had answered it. I don't see any bad RP here on my part, possibly yours?
  13. I'm not going to argue the point, Server reset everyone was loading in I took the chance to eat some food. That's it.
  14. Server reset no one was awake yet so I took the chance to eat some food before getting yelled at, is there a problem?
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