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  1. Of course, I'm expanding and going into more detail for everything Lore wise right now and will be doing goals as well! I'll bump around IC sometime later today and see if we can't find some fresh blood to join our cause!
  2. Yeah! We've met quite a few of the transporter folk, you guys are quite nice and fun to RP with!
  3. Yeah I agree! Just wanted to put down an idea while I was working! Will update it soon! With a way more detailed backstory/lore for both Pre outbreak and post!
  4. OMA (Outer Mines Alliance) origins go back a few years before 2009, when tensions were high and among the supporters of an independent Chernarus and the Chedaki and many of the miners opted to create their secret organization. Where the current Miners Worker Alliance had the current manager quit in the region for unspecified threats and the risk for his safety. Anderson Dawes was sent to the region on a temp visa where expectations were already low and the thought of pulling all mining operations out of the region was starting to become a possibility. The already unstable region had forced its
  5. This has been a definite issue that has unfortunately plagued the community for awhile. PVP groups do exist with a pretty poor roleplay concept, most just seem to hate you for saying something simple as "Fu*k you" that will lead to straight robbery. (Not like they weren't planning on it.) Sadly there isn't a way to truly enforce a way to keep these groups from existing because they choose to 'try' and stay within the rules. It has gone down quite a bit, last time I saw a massive group full of PVP was back when Wolf Pack existed and they had their hired body guards. It definitely doesn't exist
  6. I can agree that NLR can be quite annoying but it's there for a reason. As for RP you are probably looking on the wrong areas, or I might be misunderstanding why you haven't had RP. Keep in mind that Gear should never dictate RP regardless if it can improve it, part of the RP is getting what you need. Get around meet all the groups and you'll get more RP than you probably will with your gear you had and died in a wall with anyways. But best regards on finding Rp! ^.^
  7. Sewing kits and duct tape seem to be quite rare, kind of like it that way too. I think upping the spawn rate wouldn't really fix how annoying it is to repair clothing constantly and would only hurt the spawning of different clothing loot.
  8. Anderson Dawes is a mid-thirties man who came to Chernarus in his early twenties in search of a new start, his company in London sent him to Chernarus on a temp Visa to work in the mines as a manager for the worker's party. However, he found himself more at home and akin to the people who he worked within the mines; doing more than any previous manager of the worker's party did. Even going beyond what his job entailed and helping his brothers and sisters in the shafts and making sure each one of them was cared for. He set up his life and career to stay in Chernarus even if he didn't like the o
  9. As per our conversation with a Member of C-block @JRP we unanimously came to a decision to close the report due to the circumstances where our issues aren't really with c-block. We understand they tried to involve themselves in a good RP situation that fell out of hand before they had their chance.
  10. Instead of beating around the bush or anything with the "ooc hate" It was made extremely clear in discord at the help desk that no one there had in ooc hate and I specifically told @tzthis. This was not ooc flame, matter of fact here was our whole conversation. And actually we show in our clips that @tzwas in our discord prior the the incident and right after the incident when I went back in it was shown for @tzto now be in their discord in @ImChipsclip.
  11. After reviewing logs and several posts, I was never initiated on by @ImPurgeand definitely could not hear him for 89m away when he shot me and I returned fire. After the shooting happened I ran off and only two I heard initiate on us were @tz and @ImFrosty
  12. POV: I went back in figuring they would still be there to get revenge in which I killed @tz and then hid in my building expecting not to be found, when they did find me I did attempt to comply even my teammates in DC OOC we're telling me to as well. Shortly after I was gassed as they rushed the stairs. There is also OOC chatter in this clip from when I was dragged into helpdesk.
  13. Server and location: S1 Just north of Berzino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:00-22:00 CST Your in game name: Yakone Briggs Names of allies involved: @[email protected]_Bridges Name of suspect/s: @tz (Martinez) @ImFrosty @[email protected] and a few others of Cblock Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): One BMW Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Will be posted shortly Detailed description of the events: I went into Berzino to give a few items to the group there and an un-offical group called cblock seemed
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