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  1. Yes it is my first language i'm just in a rush before i go to bed for tonight sorry.
  2. I hope so anyway thanks for your help again. Such a great community replying to noobies so fast!
  3. Yea i hope i do i just know i could of made it more exiting is all and im regretting what i put. I don't think it was bad enough for a rejection at all as i put allot of effort into it i just getting impatient after 4 days or so. I know its silly of me to get impatient but i want to play so much!
  4. Another Question as i wait for my white list... Hey Guys iv'e tried to browse forum before asking this but i know people with more characters in there application are most likely to get read first and such so i was wondering whether it is possible to edit it at all. I mean i did over 1000 characters as my background and about 700 characters on the rule explanation but it seems people have done far more than i have. Just wish i could redo it now
  5. Alright was just a quick question thanks guys. Can lock this
  6. Hey guys iv'e been reading a few questions on how the reviews work as in they get accepted more quickly of the quality of the application and how much you have donated. I decided to donate £10 instead of £5 to try and bump myself up the queue but it seems i have not moved up at all (still 18/22 or so). Just wondering how much this is going to take considering there is 10 pound iv'e just spent. Thanks. A Noobie to the community Jammo