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  1. From the first initiation to the second warning have pasted 9seconds and not 10, 6 seconds from 2nd warning to 3d one and he waited 11 seconds to kill me after the 3d warning. I also wanted to ask, in which rule you are allowed to use any other means of communication with others while you are Rping rather than only games VOIP and i know that for a fact because streamers that stream servers gameplays they are strict to that.
  2. He didnt gave me time, all he did was yelling all the time constantly: 'Raise your hands" and flaming. There was no pause between "Hands up".
  3. To be honest i didnt see any kind of roleplay at all, all i saw was you just cursing like a 10 year child and yelling like an ass. You have to know that some of us arent from US so we might some times have a small delay, that means you have to be patient if you want to initiate someone and act maturely. By my book your kill was a foul. I end the discussion here.Game masters will decide what to do. Have a nice day.
  4. Server and location: S1 US, Vybor Military Base Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 16/5/2019, 14:08 Your in game name: Logan Howlett Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Didnt say, sounded like a French Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Didnt recorded it Detailed description of the events: I was scavenging the compound when a guy sneaked upon me and started talking with a friendly way. After i entred a barack he started flaming me and call me names and put my hads up, at first i didnt know he was talking to me so i asked him nicely if he did, then he shooted me dead. No ROLEPLAY was made by his side though i strongly DID.
  5. Logan Howlett was born on the date 21/12/1982 in Sussex Downs, England. On his early years started manifastating sociopath tendencies. His parents sended him to a school for special children. There the head doctor diagnosed Logan as a high functioning sociopath. This troubled Logan as he was getting older because he knew he couldnt never fit with anyone or co-operate at anything that involves team work. At the age of 22 he started working as a journalist for a local newspaper. Through his spirit and perceptiveness managed to climb to the highest ranks of the newspaper. The year 2017 his newspaper sended him at Chernarus and specificly at a local town named Severograd to interview the locals for rumors about an incident that occured related with a local military base. As he was interviewing the locals, local policemen arrested him with the accusation of murder a woman that had been found in an alley with her neck sliced. Imideatly they inprisoned him without getting him first from a court. They days were passing by and he was rotten in prison alone with noone to talk to. On the 19th of May a bomb fell next to the prison he was in and he managed to crawl off the rumble injured yet alive.
  6. Ok this will make me mad. I played for a bout an hour after i did everything you told me from the start and alla was fine. I loged off and loged in again 30 minutes ago and the same thing happens. What is going on? Am i doing something wrong or what?
  7. Yes he is visible and active. Yes i have done this also.
  8. Good evening. I keep getting the message: This is not your active character, when im trying to log in. I have done every single solution i found on forums but still cant do anything. The game let me get in play for about 30 seconds and then i get kicked with that message. A real solution will be grateful. Thank you in advance.
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