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  1. Dalamer they call me. Carpenter by trade, a Larp player by nerd. My Larp character is a black wizard so i gave myself the nick name Dala the Dark. During the day i would go to work build a house thinking about my next prop, (Yes i do black smith has a hobby and help with props for out Larp games) and by night i build and design weapons for our group that meets every Friday/ Sat night. I am just your average Nerd that is good with his hands . A wife and two kids, we had a normal life, a average size house with two cars and a pet dog. Life was great My family was spending the weekend playing Larp. Me as my wizard, my wife the slave to the king (she looks so good in her slave outfit) and my kids working in the mines (Remember this is imaginary world) After a full day of the imaginary world we had down time sitting around the fire talking about out Day. A sound from the bushes, a low moan, a scream and quiet. Hey i thought the days games were done. Just as i finished the sentence all hell broke lose. I have no idea how we got out but my family were together . We got to the waters edge and because of my skills we had our Middle Age weapons so we could defend our selves. Once we got to the water edge; started to build a boat. This went on for a month , Hunting, scavenging meeting survivors (keeping our boat a secret) homing our skills to survive. Once satisfied we pushed off to a new life.................sounds of water lapping against my body. The cold shocks me awake. What Happened, were am i, my family, what Happened? Footsteps in the sand leading away. I have nothing but the clothes on my back. Wife, kids missing memory cloudy