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  1. Chernarus. Does it hold the answer? Flash back. Mom and Dad were both sailors on the United Nations Task Force. They raised the Family on the UN aircraft carrier doing research on the cure. That was how i was raised. No home, just a nomad. I Grew up around scientist and navy. Just going to one hot spot after another trying to give military support against the Z. while the other section trying to figure out a cure. My mom and dad home schooled me when they had a chance. Most of my schooling was in the lab looking and specimens or on deck watching operation unfolding. After Years of sailing around the world it became clear we were losing the war. Not only we were fighting the Z we were fighting each other. The world was a wreck. Until i laid my eyes on her, my future wife Bella. Man was she hot in her lab coat. Late nights looking threw the microscope , our hand would touch. True Love. One hot and sweaty night i knocked her up. So i died what a man needs to do a married her. We also had a second child. A boy named Fella and a girl named Stella. One night as i was monitoring radio traffic i kept hearing the word Chernarus. Not being able to speak Russian i got a fellow UN worker to translate. The phrase the dead are alive. What do they mean i was wondering. We all knew that already. AS we zeroed in on their part the world, the civil war the rebuild and the failure of the local government, we kept hearing they are alive. Talking to my wife what do they mean by that? I don t know we need to keep up our research and keep an ear open to their traffic. Days tuned to weeks and weeks into months. No closer to the cure i was heavy with dread. What kind of world my kids will be in. Is this ship their only home? What kind of life is that. Then the Russian interpreter burst in. They found it he yells. Found what i ask. The cure!!! What, how why and how do you know. Well when they say they are alive, its not the dead coming back, it is the freshly infected being cured. We must find out i said. Burst in to the bridge of the carrier. Explained the situation to the General of the UN. We have a mission and we must go to Chernarus. and you Dala must go with the. Only you know what we would be looking for. As i kiss my wife and kids good by promising them i will be back with the possibility of a new world ! Cue up CCR Fortunate Son. It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no military son, son It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one... Black hawk flying Low towards Chernarus with thoughts of a cure. ALARMS GOING OFF and black. Open my eyes. Chopper on fire, im the only survivor. The only thing i got out of the chopper is a radio. Mayday Mayday this is Dala call sign Mad dog. we have crashed and i am now sending you the....battery dies. My new mission, find a radio or battery to reach the UN fleet, and while im at it find out how they are curing the infected. This is were the adventure begins
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