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  1. My Name is Mike Stapleton. I am a Canadian Citizen. My job until recently was for my local Police Station as Swat Team Member from the same precent as Steve a co-worker of mine, specializing in close quarter combat senarios. I am a Former Canadian Forces Member with Specialization in Wilderness Survival, which i usually spend most of my free time out in the wilderness.. When the outbreak hit, I searched the wilderness for survivors, so far all i found was an i pod full of katy perry music which i hate.I kept on searching until I was found by some people including my co-worker Steve and a few others and brought into a community where I recovered and we set it on an expedition to help others along the green sea that may be stranded on boats due to the fact that there may be a hope that some people are immune, risky, but less than a 1% chance of the population is a ray of hope in it's self. However, during our travels in the green sea, I was tossed overboard during a rogue wave which capsized our ship and I washed up in Chernarus where I am now searching for the others from the ship to ensure our survival, in hopes to find a way of survival for the horrible outbreak that was cast upon us... The bigger question is, who is still out there, how bad has the world gotten and can we survive? The world around me only shows the destruction of a civilization that once was, destroyed vehicles, military outposts that were once used in attempt to contain the outbreak, that has obviously failed. However the night is darkest before the dawn, Flare in hand we will forge on , to preserve what's left of the human existance , to find any survivors and if necessary to eliminate the zombies before they get to us...however, what's left of the human race? are we going to be surrounded by pockets of bandits? or will our numbers grow to have a community? can we find another ship to continue our expedition? Time Will Tell
  2. Hello I"m BreadtruckXII my character is Mike Stapleton in Day Z, just wanted to say Hello
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