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  1. Okay so I couldn't hear anything after I asked for your names, hence I broke character. I dunno if I lagged out or what but my mate, the guy who with the orange and red mask was shot and killed and I was then instantly shot as well. I asked for your names because my mate had just been killed without any RP what so ever which is breaking server rules. dunno who shot me but one of you guys did so you can see that this looks bad from our perspective. tried to explain that I literally couldn't have "sniped you" with a UMP (my only weapon). it was just me and Sanji Kaweebe, But we hadn't been in any fight since I'd met him in Vybor. Have no idea how I died but when I logged back in I was a fresh spawn. from my prospective I thought you guys had just come out of no where and killed my mate and shot me without saying a word. Dunno if this is all just a misunderstanding but I was pretty pissed that I got shot without any RP before hand. Think my mate has it recorded from his perspective although it will be a short one because he pretty much died instanly. haven't heard from him since so I don't know when you will get his reply.
  2. Server and location: S1 factory east of Vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 00:00-00:30 Your in game name: Donnie Wolowitz Names of allies involved: ACC name: Obags99 character name: Sanji Kaweebe Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was in the factory next to Vybor with my friend (sanji Kaweebe) in the tower keeping watch whilst I looted(trying to find a battery for red dot sight), When he was suddenly shot and killed. I was also shot by some one and managed to get into cover and close the doors. this happened without any RP what so ever, I heard 4 guys surrounding me as my mate rang me on discord having no idea what just happened. I had been surrounded at this point by 3 guys and a girl who all claimed that they had seen me sniping them at Vybor, you can check the damage feed that neither me or my mate had killed or shot anyone. I also tried to explain that I litteraly couldn't of shot at them due to that fact I only had A UMP. They tied me up and at this point I broke RP under my friends instructions due to the fact that he had been killed on site. I asked for there names to which they all stopped speaking and stood around looting my mates body and mine. After asking several times they continued to say nothing and eventually due to some unknown error I was kicked from the game( could be due to bad internet connection as I play on the american server with 2mbs download speed). At this point my friend and I joined the help line and asked how to file a complaint, I then joined back to the game to see if I had been killed too and sure enough I had. If you look at the damage feed it will show that neither of us have shot or killed any one, and who killed us. Its really frustrating as we'd both invested a lot of time into the game and had pretty high end gear at this point, I was shot and so was my friend without any communication with the attackers before hand and then they proceeded to kill me after complying with them. from what I understand this is pretty rare as most of the community seems really friendly. I stopped playing the local servers due to this very reason and hope that this is sorted out with justice or at least an explanation on why it happened. Big thanks to the help desk staff who where really friendly and professional.
  3. my character is an Australian called Donnie Wolowitz who's origin story story is as strange and as messed up as he is. Donnie was born in a small town in the northern territory. his parents where alcoholics, a trait that Donnie has inherited amongst other things. he had an abusive upbringing which he suppressed with drugs and anything he can get his hands on. He worked at ship yard before the apocalypse, getting very drunk one night he stumbled onto a boat for a quick nap, when he awoke he was already heading to Chanauris On a large cargo ship. The outbreak had just began as the ship pulled into harbour and as the captain saw the carnage on the docks went to turn around. Donnie hadn't seen a bottle of alcohol in weeks and couldn't bare the thought of the trip back without it so he flung himself overboard and swam to the shore. Donnie is mainly found roaming the streets drunk or high begging anyone he meets for a sip of the sweet sweet liquor, if denied his prize He can grow very violent and he has been known to kill for a good bottle of whiskey. He will make attempts to rob anyone who he thinks may be with holding something he craves but is otherwise little threat to anyone. He will cower from zombies when sober but will rage and attack any in sight if drunk or high. He hopes for a better life and has the ability for change if he finds someone who can look passed the drunken mess. One day Donnie may be able to get passed his addictions but that is entirely up to the people he meets and the friends he makes.
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