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  1. sorry for the late response. have been very busy with work. I see in the logs that it states that i shot jeremy gilbert in the leg which i am very confused about. from the industral area my friend and i were shooting zombies and were trying to attract some attention from other characters. i honestly cant explain how i manged to hit jeremy as im sure all the zombies i killed dropped dead, i mean i was spraying and was trying to attract attention but even so i never saw anyone in the vybor area from where me and my friend were posted, perhaps a bullet went through a wall? idk i honestly dont have an explanation. but my friend and i wouldnt have gotten so angry and filed a report if we knew we had done something wrong. i cannot comment on the hostage situation as i was killed before any RP was shown. in defence to myself i wouldnt have asked my friend to file a report if i knew i had done somethign wrong or had shot someone. this explains as to why i was KOS'd and as to why these people were telling my friend that they had been shot. it must have been from when my friend and i were shooting at zombies but even so im not convinced i shot anyone as i didnt see anyone in vybor other than zombies, but i suppose the logs arent gonna lie?. i hope you understand that i didnt mean to cause any malicious activity and i definitely wouldn't have reported it if i knew i had done something wrong ?
  2. a middle-aged male codeine addict, who has had a troubling past. Have had 3 kids which were gobbled up by zombies and has never been able to cope with life since. before the outbreak he was a school teacher who used to teach history in a secondary school and ever since the outbreak has been abusing codeine pills. he holds a serious grudge to zombies and brutally kills every zombie he goes by. his aim is to fight off the apocalypse and ensure that he avenges his children. He is now single, and is looking for a partner in crime who he hopes can also get him off the drugs. he has a tendency to rob to fund his addiction and is very narrow-minded and selfish and is hoping to one day change his ways. he also has a secret fetish for powdered milk and especially when he is high on codeine gets intense cravings for them to the point where he goes a bit mad. he was born in chenarus, being bought up as an online child his parents died at an early age due to natural causes which also reflects on the reason his personality and his habits are as they are
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