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  1. My character Bruno lived alone in his apartment, he did not have much contact with his family because they lived in another country, Bruno had to move from his native country to work, he had no children nor wife, days before everything happened, he was traveling for his work to gain more engineering experience on a expedition through Europe, he and his co-workers who were traveling with him to meet some other engineers from partner companies when the outbreak came, but nothing comes as planned, during the commander advised that there would be no planned stop at the next airport as agreed in the itinerary, the commander informs that there was an unforeseen incident and it will not be possible to land on it, the plane they were traveling had to perform a forced landing due to lack of fuel in the ocean, Bruno used a floating part of what was left of the airplane as an aid to keep floating, of his co-workers during the fall in water, a day and a half after starving and thirsting in the open sea Bruno sees a coast, joins his forces that even he did not know he still had them and swam to the mainland, arriving at the site identified that what had happened during the flight did not affect the airport at which they would make the landing to do the refueling and check-in, but that the inhabitants of that unknown place where he was arriving no longer were more human, from there he will do whatever it takes to survive and look for other people who also survived this catastrophic humanity
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