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  1. My name is Michael, also known as Misha or Mike. I was born in Moscow and lived there until I moved out of the country with my parents. I traveled around studying in various schools, meeting a lot of people. This made me appreciate every encounter with humans as they were so short lived as I had to move every 4 years, I tried to make the best of every interaction. I had a lot of close friends that I kept in contact up until the outbreak started. In summer I came back to Russia to spend some time with my dying grandmother. She lived in Dolina. As she passed away, my family and I started organising the funeral. The second day is when it happened. My mother noticed that there was some noise coming from my grandmas room and she went down to check it out. Shortly after I heard her terrified voice screaming "no! how? It cant be!". What followed was a scream full of pain, my dad went up to investigate to find out that my granny has turned and bit my mother. Another scream followed. I saw my grandmother coming down the stairs. Her eyes. Her lifeless white eyes. An image I'll never be able to get out of my head. I quickly realised what was happening as I heard about a mysterious infection that made dead people walk again on the new but never gave it too much though as I thought it was a hoax. Fight or flight reflexes kicked in and I ran down to the basement, picked up an axe and a tire iron, ran outside and barricaded the door. And now I'm here, surviving in a country I used to call home. A little bit about my character traits. I am friendly, but defensive, I will never kill anyone unless I'm forced to or put in a situation where that is the only option. I have been surviving for some time so I am mostly used to the killing, but I never enjoy it, it still leaves me feeling uncomfortable, stressed, ashamed and uneasy. One thing that helps me a lot on my travels is the fact that I am Russian and hence have no difficulty reading the signs on the roads, building etc. Since I spent every summer in Cheraus I am relatively confident with the area and know my way around certain places, especially around Dolina. Amidst all this violence and depression I only hope that human race has something more to it than just survival instincts. I hope that even in this screwed up world there is still hope for a comunity and home, the things that actually made us human. Made us happy.
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