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  1. Pavel had it all figured out. He was a hunter and farmer from the small village of Ratnoe in northern Chernarus. Every morning, much to the dismay of his wife, he would walk over to the pub and get nice and drunk off several shots of vodka. Then he would tend to his potato crop which had been doing quite well for as long as he could remember. August was his favorite time of year; it was when he would harvest his crop and send it to the Bardak & Sons vodka distillery in Vybor. Pavel loved this time of year because he would receive a whole crate of precious Bardak vodka, in addition to the income from his potatoes. Sometime after the civil war, things changed for Pavel and his wife, Magdalena. It was a typical morning. Pavel was at the pub and Magdalena was hanging up laundry. The familiar sound of an artillery barrage rang out in the distance, and Pavel stumbled home as fast as he could. When he reached his home, Magdalena was being descended upon by what could only be described as a group of lunatics. Pavel reached into the door and grabbed his shotgun, he fired a shot off into the air and watched as the lunatics gave no reaction. The individual leading the group shoved Magdalena into the ground, and Pavel began blindly firing into the mass of people. Pavel dispatched the crowd, and quickly realized that he had mistakenly shot his wife during the commotion. A significant amount of time has passed since the initial outbreak. In order to prevent himself from descending into insanity, he continues to farm his potato plot, and occasionally goes out on hunting excursions. Few things bother him since he still has a store of the Vodka that he had collected over the years. The one thing that will not stand, however, is anyone disturbing the grave of his late wife.
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