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  1. Cop from a special law enforcement unit, managed to escape from group of terrorists who attacked his home town. The aggressors killed every man who couldn't escape and took the women and the children hostages. Now he is looking for other people to form a squad and get back in his town to eliminate the terrorists. Somebody told him that in Chernarus he can find people who can help him out, so he travelled to this unknown place and began his journey of finding people who he can trust and help strangers who are in trouble, be it hostages held by a terorrists or a wife who has been abused by her spouse.
  2. I am blacklisted for grammatical mistakes in my application.Sorry for that.I was s little bit in a hurry.Also i didn' t read the lore.A friend of mine told me to write a story and i did it.Now i know what to do.Please reconsider my application.Thank you.
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