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  1. Born 5th of March, 1988. Original name Grigor Stoyanov with an alias Strahil, given in prison. He had a pretty normal life, before becoming mentally ill and found his family dead. He said he didn't do it, but all the evidence is against him. Before the Outbreak, Strahil, psychopath and schizophrenic from Bulgaria, was in jail, although he should have been in a Psychiatry. Strahil isn't his real name, it was given by the other prisoners. The literal translation of the name is "To be feared". Because of his mental Illnesses, he mumbles to himself all the time. He is mysterious, no one really knows why he want to jail. Every time someone asks him why he was imprisoned he gives different reason. No one really knows if he had done all the stuff he says, or he just lies. Although he is totally mental, he does like to talk to people. It does take him away from the voices inside his head. The problem is that sometimes he has mental breakdowns during a conversation and needless to say the interaction often stops there. He and couple of fellow inmates got out of the prison after the outbreak and survived together for a few weeks, but after they realized that the outbreak is the actual end of humanity, his friends started pillaging and destroying human lives. Although Strahil was a criminal once he didn't want to see the world burn, so he killed his "friends". After months of travelling around the world he ended up on the North side of Chernarus, because he overheard a conversation on the radio.
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