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  1. calebc0106

    To anyone in Novaya Petrovka (Open Freq)

    Caleb pulls out the radio from his backpack and presses PTT "hel-hello? I need help, I'm lost, dying of first, and I cant really see anyone!" Caleb lets go of the PTT
  2. Has two brothers named Zack And Token and they are lost and Caleb loved his family and is really mad but worried at the same time. He hopes the zombies don't get to Zack and Token before he does! Caleb is a good music artist, he loves playing his Tuba and he gets a thrill our of anything musical and always boost his morale. Caleb has recently turned 18 and now he is a full grown up and he knows he has to act like it and keep his mind right to be able to find his lost brothers. He also needs to stay safe and do not risk his life before he even gets to his brothers. Caleb was on a plane falling and then all of a sudden the plane breathers went down. The plane began to nose down and then boom, everything went black, then when he finally could manage to open his eyes, he was in this weird place, he quickly got on his feet and started to search for supplies, and look for survivals. Caleb finally came across a town, the sign read Novigrad, he was in Chernarus!
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