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  1. Curious to know if there is a limited number of vehicles that spawn in the server? Or do they keep randomly spawning? I dont feel like wasting hours searching for a car that is probably already taken.
  2. Ok, just wanted to know for locking stashes away. Guess that wont work. Thanks
  3. Do locked doors stay locked on server restarts?
  4. Ok that helps a bit. Maybe next time we will make contact. Its hard when your used to pub servers and the asshats that troll them.
  5. Hey everyone, I and a few friends are new to the area (server) and are a bit confused about 1 thing. We were in NWAF last night and we saw some players looting tent city and we were not sure how to proceed. Usually in public servers you pretty much know that if you see people in a military area there is a really good chance your gonna end up either dead or in a firefight just for saying HI. We are not sure what the ROE are for this. I know we are supposed to RP and make it interesting, we are a good group keeping things lawful so we try and be as friendly as possible (its the Canadian in us LOL). Just looking for a few pointers to keep from accidently breaking any rules. Thanks
  6. When there is no one around and you come across a base I agree dont just destroy everything , maybe what ever is needed to gain access. Also how do you know if the base that is empty at the moment doesnt have people around that are looting and will be back? I have come across a few bases and some are very basic while others are thought out quite well. It does take a good amount of time to gain access depending on what tool you use to get in.
  7. We figured it out. Deleted the mods and steam redownloaded them and problem solved.
  8. Friend just got all setup to RP and when ever he runs DayZ Launcher and loads the mods, starts the game his system just bogs down and Discord audio cuts out like he has a bad connection.He alt Tabs out and works fine. He will load vanilla DayZ and it works fine.
  9. I am Steve Maxwell aka Snipie, its been many years since the outbreak has hit world-wide, it hasn't been an easy road over those long years. I have lost many friends and family to this plague. Before this sickness struck I was a police officer, I did my best to keep everyone safe but too many times we would face off against bandits trying to take what we had. I was the only one left of my group, I was injured and I stumbled upon 2 men that helped me. They took me back to their home, a community with many people where I was able to recover and become a productive member. We had people from everywhere in this community, we decided that it was time to send a ship out to find others to help. I volunteered to be part of this expedition to find other survivors, along the way we have helped many communities establish security, hospitals, and farms to help sustain them. Once night the ship I was on hit a massive storm, it was hit hard and and began to sink. I barely escaped in the chaos, I was in the water for what seemed like days and I had given up all hope, all I had was the debris I was holding on too. One morning I opened my eyes laying on sand, I had washed up on the shores of Chernarus. Now that I am stranded in Chernarus I hope to continue this mission and I am searching for any friends that may have also escaped. The 2 men that saved me were also among other soles on the ship. If they are alive I must find them.
  10. Hello everyone, I am Snipie and I am new here. I have my fingers crossed that I get the green light to join in all the RP fun.
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