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  1. You are trying to strong arm me into breaking my character and roleplaying a coward under fear of breaking the valuing of my life rule lets be honest. Again, you are literally here defending someone who admitted that he could have furthered roleplay and killing me like that was premature and he didn't need to. Like have you even read this report? Have you even read the things the accused has said here, publicly for all to see. Im sorry but I think its really poor that people basically need to be forced to roleplay a coward out of fear of been seeing as a rulebreaker. Not valuing my life would have been abusing you from the get go and running or trying to fight. I complied with every demand up until you told me I had to be a little rat that collected weapons for you. Like Im sorry but Im not going to do that my character wouldn't roll over to someone like that. You could have: -Beat me -Took me somwhere else to RP with me -Tortured me -Got the other captives to jump (since thats what happened to bowtie) -Literally anything that wasnt just shooting me. I would like this back and forth to stop and would like to leave it up to the staff at this point.
  2. https://imgur.com/vawaOLG I'd just like to say that this alone is enough proof of wrong doing. Lego has accepted his wrong doing but is now backtracking because in their mind they now have the "new evidence" that I was a freeman and this somehow makes it justifiable. I have very bad news for you in this case. I was not on, and have not been on the server really at all until the day where this happened. This was my first day of coming back an playing the with "freeman" guys. Any GM or whatever can prove this with logs etc. I just want to say again, not agreeing with a ridiculous demands which would force me to essentially break the nature character is not "failing to value my life" there is a difference between sitting not giving a shit about being killed and being defiant to a gangster giving demands, wanting you to be a spy for them. I hope the staff team can see this difference too. Bottom line you literally admitted fault, I really don't see how you can try to defend your actions after that.
  3. I've not been on for literally all the stuff that went down. It is not known by anyone that I am a freeman (I may was well not be) and my character doesn't even know what happened at any of these events really. All I am aware that the freemen are unpopular (for some reason I dont really know why) If you really find it hard to believe I wasn't at any fire fight then idk what to tell you buddy lmao. I've been with my girlfriend a lot and also designing a GMOD map a lot of the time and I don't "hop on" when theres a fight. I've never actually been in a gunfight on dayzrp. Im sorry you don't believe me but how are you actually going to sit and and try to claim you were in the right, after literally admitting to your fault?
  4. Rapid Steve

    S1- GearRP - 2019-03-10, 04:00

    I was trying to RP with some people we ran into only to be told to put our hands up, what followed was us being told to go to the church, stand around for a few minutes, asked our names, forced to beat @MrBowTie or get shot. In all honesty not much was really said or done other than the fact they held us in the church and ordered us to beat someone. We were then told that we would go find guns for them, spy for them which was when I had enough and told them I don't take orders. The response was I was shot in the face immediately without having any warnings etc prior. In all honesty I think I speak for everyone when I say people are sick of the gear RP thats been going on. I don't think and saying "oh and you have to work for us" at the end excuses the fact that its blatant GearRP Furthermore I would like to add they took literally everything. Taking gear you need/want is one thing but its the fact they had the cheek to take stuff they literally had no use for, even destroying someone car. I don't know just seems like a really low thing to do, as if the fact you're being robbed isn't bad enough. From what I've heard from lots of other people and from what I've experience its almost as if everyone outside the group (Green Dragons and Allies) is basically subjected to being robbed, no questions asked. If you aren't buddy with them then you're on the chopping block and that isn't very fun.
  5. Nikita was born in the RSFSR to his both Russian parents. His father was a tough military man, being an officer in the Red Army and was not home as much because of this. He grew up in a traditional household with his father being the working man and his mother being the one to take care of him. At a very young age he and his family were resettled to the Chernarussian SSR as his father was being deployed in that region. After the collapse of the USSR his father decided that staying in Chernarussia was the best option for Nikita, moving back to Russia would be troublesome. Because of Nikita being born in Russia and the fact his father was a high ranking officer in the Red Army he would be the victim of verbal attacks by nationalists at his school in Novigrad. Although it wasnt a common occurrence and it very rarely got physical due to Nikita's ability to defend himself he still had a target on him despite the fact all he can remember is growing up in Chernarussia. This led to him keeping quiet about his family and political opinions for most of his school life. After Nikita's father died from a heart attack he got access to a lot of his belongings, he had military gear, weapons, gas masks and all sorts. This developed into a hobby of his which was being a "stalker". He was very interested in soviet "relics", equipment, locations and various other things. He had even managed to visit Chernobyl on a tour but later managed to sneak into the exclusion zone which nearly saw him caught and arrested by Ukrainian security forces. This "hobby" quickly started to consume who he was, he started taking his NBC suit and gas mask wherever he would go and also collected lots of Cold War era military gear. Along with this and his family history he was a staunch Soviet supporter and was highly interested in the Soviet Union along with all of the secrets it had. He just couldn't get enough of it which sort of made him look a bit crazy at times. The civil war was of no interest to him either. Although he was fascinated by the USSR he really had no interest for modern politics and kept well clear of it. Nikita eventually moved to South Zagoria for work and ended up meeting a woman named Zoe. Things were going great for him and Zoe, she didn't even mind his strange obsessions but this was all cut short when she was fatally injured in a car accident. Nikita was never really the same since then, instead of going quiet or staying indoors, his obsession grew even more as it was the only thing he has left. He started trying live a quieter life, moving to Berezino and venturing out to the woods more often. Living off the grid was what he enjoyed when he wasn't working, then the country got turned upside down very suddenly when the outbreak happened...
  6. I mean I only ever spoke a few times and was generally just trying to defuse it by asking you all to calm down instead of being overly aggressive despite the fact we were all complying. I can take that but there's a limit and I think expecting everyone to just do as you say is a bit of a joke. You can't just say "he didn't value his life" every time someone refuses to do something absurd. I was 100% compliant and trying to defuse what I could up until you guys crossed a line where it gets to the point where your demands directly conflict the nature of my character. But you're right. We'll let the staff decide.
  7. Firstly I never actually "spoke back" to you or anyone, I only ever asked you and the others to settle down after being overly aggressive. I never once misjudged my situation, I was never aggressive to anyone. I don't think you can say being told to not look at someone was talking back either. The only times I really spoke was when I asked the hostage taker to clarify something and my request to keep a vest that you had no use for. I was never warned for talking back as you put it and the one time I actually did talk back in a defensive manor I was immediately shot. I have one simple question: "Did you have to shoot me, could you have extended the RP?" I feel that you are trying to portray me as if I was being rude and aggressive when I just wasn't. This seems like a false report only meant as a counter measure to my own report. I think that ordering people to be little spies and workers for you and expecting them to comply regardless of the threat is a bit ridiculous especially since the character I was roleplaying was a veteran of the Red Army and a long time Riot Police Officer. My character would not just bow down to some gangster like that. Maybe I would have been swayed? But we'll never know since you took it upon yourself to shoot me without saying anything and ending the RP.
  8. Server and location: S1- Stary Sobor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-03-10, 04:00 Your in game name: Yuri Petrov Names of allies involved: @MrBowTie Name of suspect/s: Green Dragons - Logs will show. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://plays.tv/video/5c8488051de6bc0124/f?from=user - I am the one in the police outfit. Detailed description of the event: Myself and other random people were taken hostage by the Green Dragons. This report is not specif to them as a group but more towards the individual who killed me. I feel that the RP was ok up until the incident happened. My character isn't going to bow down to a bunch of gangsters when he is a veteran of the military and a police officer. I had enough of the unrealistic demands and stated that I am not going to comply with that. At this point I actually believe that the man giving the orders was going to continue RP, I expected him to continue RP by intimidating me, beating me into submission, trying to "change" my mind otherwise but there was no attempt to further RP. You can actually see him putting his gun away as he looks at me but before he can react I am shot in the face. There was still lots of RP that could be had here and it seemed like the individual was fishing for a reason to shoot people. Overall, there was many things that could have been done to further the roleplay rather than just being boring and executing me without saying a word.
  9. Place of birth: Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, USSR Early Life: Yuri grew up in the Soviet Union, Russia under a strict but loving household. His father was a Lieutenant in the Red Army during the Great Patriotic War and saw action during the Battle Of Berlin. Yuri was raised by his family to be a staunch Socialist and a believer in the Soviet system. As soon as Yuri was old enough he joined the Red Army to become an infantry man and work his way up the ranks. Yuri was relatively smart and this allowed him to excel in training, setting him in a position of leadership early on. Military Service: Yuri saw action in the Soviet-Afghanistan War. Although by the time he was deployed into combat the war was largely questioned, many soldiers, including Yuri did not forget one of the horrible events that started it. He remembered hearing about what happened in 1979, when Islamist forces brutally massacred anyone not dressed in traditional Muslim clothing, many of them just being civil workers. He always remembered hearing about how they killed women, men and children then put their heads on spikes afterwards for everyone to see. Remembering this insane and barbaric act of violence against innocent people it always motivated him to be as vicious as possible in combat. A hatred of the western powers began to grow in him, knowing that the US and other powers would fund and assist such groups he began to resent the western governments. Collapse Of The USSR: Yuri's military service was cut shorter than he had planned when the dissolution of the USSR happened. At the time this happened he was in the Cherarussian SSR. He had lived in the Chernarussian SSR for some time and was granted citizenship in the new Chernarussian State, although millions of Russians living in the USSR woke up the next day to find the USSR no longer existed and they were trapped in a country they had no citizenship of Yuri was lucky enough as he had lived in Chernarussia for years. With no desire to fight in the military of the new Chernarussian state and not being able to go home due to his families health reasons he had to stay in Chernarussia. He decided he would join the police force and serve the people. Pre-Outbreak: Yuri served as a police officer for many years, then came the civil war. Although he was a staunch supporter of the Soviet Union he did not support the communists in the civil war or any side for that matter. He was just a police officer serving the people, thats how he saw it. After continuing on for years the outbreak happened. The night that changed everything was when he was called in to control rioters/looters. He had been hearing things and knew something wasn't quite right. Once he and his fellow officers arrived in Mirslav' there was a military presence and before long martial law was declared. The rioting was uncontrollable and police/military were seriously struggling. At was at this point he realised whatever this was, it wasn't something they could deal with. He abandoned his post and fled the city, trying to make his way home to his wife on foot but with such danger around him he camped out in the woods for an unknown period of time. He had no way of knowing how long he was gone. Once he finally made it back to his home there was nothing to be found. Someone had either robbed the place or his wife left when things got too dangerous. One thing that stood out was the family scrap book was missing which told him that she must have left and still be alive. Post-Outbreak: Sometime has passed now and Yuri has been searching the country for his wife. He has heard from a few survivors that the outbreak started in Chernarus. Chernarus now couldn't be any much worse than the rest of the country he thought. So with that he decided that he had searched his home province enough for his wife and head East. Maybe she could have ended up there? Only time will tell.
  10. I am trying to play and Im being Admin kicked as I must accept the new rules before playing. How do I do this and where do I see these new rules? I didn't see anything about it when I got whitelisted etc.4
  11. Sorry my bad. Turns out I need to use the mod on the normal dayz installer. Lmao sorry about that. Please accept my most humble apology for wasting your time kinds sir or madame. Please I beg of your forgiveness
  12. I have did all of this except reinstalling. I dont see how that will change anything tbh. I have no issues playing the game this only happens when I try to join this server :c
  13. This is all I get whenever I try to join this server specifically. I have no idea why this is. I can still join other servers just not this one?
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