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  1. my first act in the group will to commit war crimes and sell organs on the back market
  2. I will trade slaves in return for camo ttsko carpi trousers
  3. you may not like it, but yuri spitting fire here
  4. would it be possible to do this to include the capri variant also?
  5. the TTSKO capri are already IG but impossible to find (they aint on the item store yet) as well as I think whitename may be adding the police re texture I made for carpi too. I think that the bloused one that was made will also be getting added next patch. Can only hope it will be added to the item store then!
  6. After having had more experience around people and the RAC I am starting to see why the RAC are failing I guess the "propaganda war" so badly. Yes a big part of it was them taking guns (they took my 9mm ak smg lol) but for me there is a bigger issue. From what Ive mostly heard and experienced to an extent the RAC doesn't seem strong enough to actually enforce rule of law. Im hearing they are now leaving Berezhino? But before this they had made a deal with some criminal gang to control it? I get the rule of law needs to be enforced and all but from what Ive heard its very selective and it gives the impression RAC only "enforce law" on those who they are certain will not fight back. My character is a communist politician from belarus so I naturally would have had a more favourable view to RAC but even at that I was still very unsure because my character views RAC as a tool of Russian Imperialism (since they are literally a part of RF now anyway) I even tried telling people oh RAC arent that bad they are only enforcing law after all but with each new interaction with people, things I hear and experience it becomes harder for me to justify support ICly especially with how the state of the country is getting worse and worse. RF army gone, RAC now leaving a main civilian RP hub. Seems to be getting worse.
  7. Was playing with friends today and someone suggested it would be cool if ttsko combat pants could be folded into the breechers variant like you can do with the mask/neck things. Idk if this is out of the dev's scope but it sounds like a good idea? Even having the inclusion of the bloused variant. It would keep things stream lined and dumbed down to one type of physical item in game rather than having multiple different trousers.
  8. For sure I would 100% replace all military trousers with your models. As for the higher boots they were used a lot and are still used in the modern russian military in cases. I dont really know why, the 2 types of boot exist but regular combat boots and the higher ones were used in conjunction. Here are some examples
  9. Looks really good tbh. I still like the "wellies" tho, especially with the ttsko. It gives more of an officer/oldschool look that you dont really see anywhere else. That said I think all base ttsko should be removed and replaced with bloused. Im pretty sure this is just a model replacer anyway and not its own thing so that shouldnt matter. In short, bloused should replace current ttsko trousers as well as all other trousers that use its model IE police orel etc but the carpi ttsko etc should still be kept as it offers a nice officer/old school look imo Non bloused trousers have no place in military clothing.
  10. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A Why the verdict is not fair: N/A Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: As of my last appeal I was told my behaviour was on the right track but I was still going to be banned from the discord because of my history of shitposting etc. Its been a month since then, Ive been more active on the forums, engaged in conversations and created conversations. I feel that I am ready to come back to the discord. I have been trying to be a more "Productive" member of this community and have even made custom for textures for the server etc. I understand its up to the admins to decide if I should be allowed back into the discord but I feel I am. That is all. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: unban What could you have done better?: Not shitposting extensively
  11. they dont tho. As has been mentioned here and other threads you dont need an AK-74 to defend yourself. Its ridiculous tbh. NOO BRO, YOU AS THE GOVERNMENT CANT TAKE MY ACTUAL MILITARY GRADE FULLY AUTOMATIC WEAPON ONLY 2 WEEKS IN OMG BRO NOOOO its laughable. Given that its just a game and cant be completely realistic they let you keep anything that isnt full auto which included decent rifles like the type 81. I feel like people complaining about muh evil government taking guns are the same people who have tents with 5 ak-74s sitting in them
  12. No, I have no issue because its down properly. There are plenty of people who are non CLF, just random civilians that behave in more extreme ways than than CLF, these people tend to out number pro-russian or even pro Lopatve(idk if thats his name) chernarussians when they realistically shouldnt. You try to make an argument for why there would be so much anti russian activity but I just dont buy it tbh. I dont mind anti russian activity, just not at the level its at. Theres no use on arguing about it further because I have my view and you have yours but whats evident by this thread is that a lot of people seem to agree with what Im saying. (also I call it Chernarussian Attitude because this thread is about the attitudes of chernarussians. Im sorry if this is some ways this annoyed you because it shouldnt have. As I said it was as really black and white as me asking if other people feel the same/sharing their experiences. Instead you want to make a big argument about why its justified when most people commenting seem to not agree with that)
  13. I mean youre complete right tbh. I dont want to get in politics but the best example is Crimea that was "illegally annexed" I can bet you anyone that follows this narrative doesnt know that Crimea is largely ethnic russian, was a part of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic until it was handed over to the U-SSR out of ease of administration because at that time it really didnt matter as there was no way they could tell the USSR would collapse. (literally crimea just used to be a part of russia and was given to ukraine in the soviet period because it would be easy for them to administrate) Russia invited people from the EU and America to moderate the democratic process that was the referendum (to which they refused because if they were to go it would only legitimise Russians actions. Basically it would be undeniable that the vote was fair and legitimate) and also that several Ukrainian far right and fascists threatened to go to Crimea in force and to quote "put every fucking russian dog to the knife". The situation in the RP server is more or less the same, just more violent given that there was a civil war. Until the lore masters say it was rigged, then it was not rigged.
  14. you make good points overall here. I only mention how odd the extreme anti russian attitude is considering the proximity to Russia. Like with every ex soviet republic ones bordering with Russia tend to have lots of Russians in them. This boiled over into a civil war in Ukraine for example. But overall if I were to remake the thread I would be sure to mention the American attitude because in all honesty the Americans ruin the RP setting more than anything else I could ever mention about Chernarussian-Russian relations etc. I only made this thread because everyone has made and commented on a thread about annoying American RP. I guess a lot of people (not particularly CLF) start to have a more anti american stance due to how they behave in RP. I just avoid RP hotspots at this point because I cant bare to be around the "american rp" that goes on
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