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  1. bruh am I screwed unless I go on the discord because I cant do that
  2. I got banned from this discord ages ago I cant remember why this is the only way I can ask for help lol
  3. Someone has built this where I logged out now Im stuck here and cant do anything to free myself
  4. I tried to connect from the website and got this. Dayz is functioning fine its just this loading screen when trying to get on the server Never mind it worked but for some reason it only worked when I searched and joined the server through the server browse. Any other method of conneciton failed
  5. I did everything mentioned and no sauce
  6. Im trying to just check something but I cant even get on the server because after the 10 9 8 7... countdown happens I just get this and the bar doesnt move
  7. that could be a sick idea actually
  8. Ill do a sweden themed one for you big boss, or scandavian idk
  9. I made one post with a pic I made and I ended up making more since I enjoy it a lot so I'm going to post them all in here and continue to do so. Here's what I've made so far.
  10. Took a little bit but I made this today, inspiration from FTWD season 6 intro slides
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