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  1. agree, looks like I made it in MS paint. Dont want to be seeing fucking american space cowboy cutting about looking like jango fett udneeded mod.
  2. no its just a suggestion carpi ttsko only became a thing because I was told it was getting put on the store and it never was, also I was the one who created the texture for it. Oh well I guess!
  3. true, making webbing would be better tbh. One already exists but its a part of the mass mod and its meant to be a ww2 german webbing thing and its very rare. I would wear that but its too rare. I personally dont like the modern russian vest that is meant to be worn with a plate carrier (the SMERSH vest thing) its just got too much shit on it. Some basic webbing, a belt, shoulder straps etc would be nice to see
  4. Just wanted to make this because these dont really exist in the game or in mods Ive seen. The simple idea is to add a military style waste belt that would be worn with a uniform, perhaps it could be worn on the belt character slot even if it wont hold anything. I will post examples of what I mean. There are some military clothing items in gamer that have groves in them (as they are designed to be worn with a belt) the best example I can think of this is the TTSKO combat jacket. If you look at it IG you will see what I mean, a belt is meant to be worn around the waste area. This is a simple thing that many militarise accross the world use and they come in different variants as seen in the pictures. You could even design custom belt buckles if you wanted to, would add more variation. I make this suggestion because some people may want to play military characters but not walk about in full plate armour, or maybe some people would just like a heavy duty style belt like this. One such example of a waste belt does actually exist in game but its a part of an existing clothing item. It would be easy enough to just rip the belt from this model and make it its own thing, from there you could customise it, add different belt buckles or change the colour etc. Anyway that concludes this post, this is just a simple thing I wanted to suggest.
  5. no bother big man unlike the camo ttsko I think the bloused trousers is something that basically everyone on this server will be using tbh
  6. @Misho bloused trouser script when?
  7. the Afghanka or the TTSKO for the day?
  9. So TLDR, you guys are going to be the new boogey men?
  10. I always have more fun on dayz when i meet random people in the wild. Group interactions are generally lack luster for me
  11. bro imagine you fell off tho
  12. Rapid Steve


    unironically I prefer the tan to capri capri pantaloons now. I just didnt think any jacket could go with it but I found a good one. TTSKO capri is a second option at this point
  13. Rapid Steve


    cant wait for roland to add this
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