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  1. Im trying to have a look at the mods on the server (specifically the dayzrp mod itself) so I can test out some of the items and clothing but when I try to launch the single player mission with dayzrp on I get this how can I fix this? I have no issues playing the server its just Im unable to lauch single player
  2. Making this because the camo capri pants finally got added to the server the patch before the most recent and they still arent on the item store when other new items have been put on. (I was told they would be added but theres been a whole new patch along with new clothing items added hence why Im making this because Im not even sure if theyre going to be added at this point. So just know, yes I was patient but the fact other stuff has since been added makes me question if its forgotten about or they just arent getting added.) I spent literal hours running around military areas etc looking for them so I could complete my look but never once found them and Ive just gave up. As dumb as it is this was something I wanted added to the server for the longest time and now its finally added its not on the item shop so I cant even get it. It must have a pretty low spawn rate because Ive not encountered them and Ive been looking a lot not to mention anyone else that likes the style isnt able to get it. People say you dont need gear or clothing etc to RP but I see what you wear in game as something that heavily represents your character. I tried to make do with what I had while searching for these trousers but I just end up looking like an airsofter. I made the original suggestion for these trousers because of how horrible I found the actual TTSKO trousers. Im sure anyone thats into military stuff etc can all agree that uncuffed trousers (trousers not being tucked into the boot) its an eye-sore and looks "unprofessional". So please Mr Roland, if you see this. Please add the pantaloon to store.
  4. bruh he added all the other stuff to the item shop and still not the camo trousers am I being had here?
  5. >tfw still no camo carpi trousers on item shop
  6. its been added to the server and since the patch other new items have been added to the store. I will continue for as long as it takes (also I would hardly call it spam)
  7. yeah lol, got worried when I was asked what kind of seminar I was at but everyone got distracted by the tanks so I got off lucky this time
  8. oh damn was this you guys? I think I met yous today at bolota, I thought it was CLF lmao
  9. agree with this. Its not that I dont like the group its just in the current setting I think its a bit unbalanced given RF just got dispanded. Generally i think people should try to move away from the old lore themes. Back then nationalists etc were a big force because in the lore it made sense for it to be that way. Now its kinda iffy. I dont know how many people are in RAC but I do feel theyre outnumbered quite a bit
  10. Ive had limited interaction with CLF but from what Ive experienced and heard from friends they raid and antagonise people (if CLF people read this please dont quote me and ask me to explain myself or provide a source Im am stating what Ive heard and what Ive witnessed nothing more) how will this group behave in comparison?
  11. would like to see how these groups would interact with each other and see if any conflict arises.
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