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  1. Place of birth: Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, USSR Early Life: Yuri grew up in the Soviet Union, Russia under a strict but loving household. His father was a Lieutenant in the Red Army during the Great Patriotic War and saw action during the Battle Of Berlin. Yuri was raised by his family to be a staunch Socialist and a believer in the Soviet system. As soon as Yuri was old enough he joined the Red Army to become an infantry man and work his way up the ranks. Yuri was relatively smart and this allowed him to excel in training, setting him in a position of leadership early on. Military Service: Yuri saw action in the Soviet-Afghanistan War. Although by the time he was deployed into combat the war was largely questioned, many soldiers, including Yuri did not forget one of the horrible events that started it. He remembered hearing about what happened in 1979, when Islamist forces brutally massacred anyone not dressed in traditional Muslim clothing, many of them just being civil workers. He always remembered hearing about how they killed women, men and children then put their heads on spikes afterwards for everyone to see. Remembering this insane and barbaric act of violence against innocent people it always motivated him to be as vicious as possible in combat. A hatred of the western powers began to grow in him, knowing that the US and other powers would fund and assist such groups he began to resent the western governments. Collapse Of The USSR: Yuri's military service was cut shorter than he had planned when the dissolution of the USSR happened. At the time this happened he was in the Cherarussian SSR. He had lived in the Chernarussian SSR for some time and was granted citizenship in the new Chernarussian State, although millions of Russians living in the USSR woke up the next day to find the USSR no longer existed and they were trapped in a country they had no citizenship of Yuri was lucky enough as he had lived in Chernarussia for years. With no desire to fight in the military of the new Chernarussian state and not being able to go home due to his families health reasons he had to stay in Chernarussia. He decided he would join the police force and serve the people. Pre-Outbreak: Yuri served as a police officer for many years, then came the civil war. Although he was a staunch supporter of the Soviet Union he did not support the communists in the civil war or any side for that matter. He was just a police officer serving the people, thats how he saw it. After continuing on for years the outbreak happened. The night that changed everything was when he was called in to control rioters/looters. He had been hearing things and knew something wasn't quite right. Once he and his fellow officers arrived in Mirslav' there was a military presence and before long martial law was declared. The rioting was uncontrollable and police/military were seriously struggling. At was at this point he realised whatever this was, it wasn't something they could deal with. He abandoned his post and fled the city, trying to make his way home to his wife on foot but with such danger around him he camped out in the woods for an unknown period of time. He had no way of knowing how long he was gone. Once he finally made it back to his home there was nothing to be found. Someone had either robbed the place or his wife left when things got too dangerous. One thing that stood out was the family scrap book was missing which told him that she must have left and still be alive. Post-Outbreak: Sometime has passed now and Yuri has been searching the country for his wife. He has heard from a few survivors that the outbreak started in Chernarus. Chernarus now couldn't be any much worse than the rest of the country he thought. So with that he decided that he had searched his home province enough for his wife and head East. Maybe she could have ended up there? Only time will tell.
  2. I am trying to play and Im being Admin kicked as I must accept the new rules before playing. How do I do this and where do I see these new rules? I didn't see anything about it when I got whitelisted etc.4
  3. Sorry my bad. Turns out I need to use the mod on the normal dayz installer. Lmao sorry about that. Please accept my most humble apology for wasting your time kinds sir or madame. Please I beg of your forgiveness
  4. I have did all of this except reinstalling. I dont see how that will change anything tbh. I have no issues playing the game this only happens when I try to join this server :c
  5. This is all I get whenever I try to join this server specifically. I have no idea why this is. I can still join other servers just not this one?
  6. Aleksandr headed to Chenarus some months before the outbreak had even occurred. Seen as this country was where is family came from he decided to go and visit it, not on a normal "holiday" but rather more of an expedition. He started by touring and taking in some of the Soviet relics and buildings that can be seen. Then he moved to camping deep in the woods and looking for old items from the Soviet times, just anything he could bring back with him. During these weeks he lived in a van that was converted to having a living space in the back. Having no contact with anyone and being isolated he was unaware of the world of pain he was in for. One dark night he woke up to hear banging on the walls of his van and rocking. Being scared and unsure who was out there he stayed silent for around 5 minutes, eventually opening the side door to see blood smears on the side of the van. Panicked he reached for his flashlight and scanned the trees looking for the person responsible. He clocked onto the back of a person that seemed to be limping. Seeing something was very long he quickly turned off his light and tried to get back into the van quickly but it had already seen him. It started staggering towards him, moaning and grunting. Now he could see this "person" from the front. Their abdomen was slashed open, wherever it went a trail of gore followed. Aleksandr tried to shut the side door but it threw himself at him, getting blood all over the inside of the van, now it was trying to get inside and Aleksandr had no weapon. Looking around he grabbed the handle to the side door and smashed into the side of the thing, seeing it was still coming he smashed it again and again until he managed to cripple it so bad its spine was visible through the bloody mess. Now as it struggled Aleks looked around and picked up a screwdriver, stabbing it right in the top of the head ending its suffering. Shortly after Aleks tried to leave the woods as fast as possible, starting his vehicles engine only for it to stutter and stutter and stutter. Looking around he could hear more movement around him and moans, with that he flung open the door to the van and sprinted as fast as his legs could carry him, leaving everything behind...
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