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  1. Was raised in a chaotic environment with a mother that cared more for her needle than her son. At the age of 13 he was selling dope and gang banging and around 14 his father came into his life hitting his mother and although he had tough love for her he ended up shooting his father dead in an alley way to solve his mother's problem for her. Years later his mother died and he was lost at heart and turned his life around with faith in the lord. He met a russian named Dimitri and he would always talk about the civil war in Chernarus and how they could start a construction company and rack in thousands and maybe millions. They moved in 2010 and things were going very well for them until 2017 when the outbreak was first noticed by him and his buddy. The first day it was mass confusion and disbelief so Dimitri and Mike went to discover what was happening when Dimitri was mauled by a group of infected 8 feet away from Mike. He watched as his best friend was ripped apart and his intestines thrown all over the ground as his eyes were still open and he was choking on his own blood as he tried to breathe his last breaths. After that Mike pursued a path only he can take by himself. He refuses to let anyone close to him but deep down he wants a friend or two. He is not scared of the infected and is filled with rage for what they did to his friend.
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