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  1. Kennedy Crook, or as some like to call him, Ken Crook. As a clueless kid, who grew up in the streets of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, he got associated with illegal activities at a young age. At the age of 15 he started dealing marijuana and made a name for himself in the streets of Rotterdam and the province of South-Holland. When he grew older he affiliated himself with the bigger and meaner dealers of The Netherlands who saw a lot of potential in him. He got quite bored after years of selling drugs and wanted to step up his game. Guns, explosives and even military weaponry was always something he was interested in. When associating himself with these kind of weaponry come dangerous situations, which he trained himself for. He had been training for years and earned himself lots of experience. All of the experience he earned fell into place once he stepped foot in Chernarus, where a contact in the USSR requested a large shipment of weaponry. Once he and his team arrived at the Nizhnoye harbor the USSR contact awaited him with trucks to load the supplies on. Ken and him team were escorted to a construction site in between Polana and Orlovets. After they finished the deal Ken and his team went back to Nizhnoye to leave Chernarus. All of a sudden they ran into a large group of people. When they came closer they felt something was wrong, the large group of people started running towards their vehicle. That moment they found out that the large group of people weren't actually normal people, but infected zombies. Ken and his team ran the zombies over and hurried to the Nizhnoye harbor, but the ship they came with was already gone. They had nowhere to go but to survive in this infected country. Later on he lost most of his men and wanders in Chernarus now looking for life.
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