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  1. Having grown up in Novodmitrovsk, Max Roberts was born into a loving yet poor military family. Max’s mother was alone in her parental role after his father died in combat when Max was only 7 years old. Left without a father, Millie Roberts (his mother) was forced to work tremendous amounts of overtime at the local hospital to provide for her two children, meaning that Max and his brother Felix were left alone in their small apartment for much of their early childhood. Max attended only of the many high schools in Novodmitrovsk and looked after Felix throughout their time at school, as Max was two years older and was in a tight and secure friendship group. When he was 15, Max began to work at the train station to help provide for his family. This meant that he was unable to experience the innocence of childhood and was forced to learn the realities of such a harsh world quickly. After 3 years and performing well at school he enrolled at the university of Novodmitrovsk and studied engineering as it interested him greatly. Following his enrollment, he moved to live in student accommodation which forced him further away from his mother who he had grown to adore due to her dedication to providing for her children. He missed his brother greatly who started getting bullied at school and fell towards depression. Though Max’s mother loved Felix just as much as she loved her other son, Felix had always felt as if he were unloved by anyone but his older brother. At the time of the outbreak, Max was forced to leave Novodmitrovsk due to the danger and unpredictability of the catastrophe where he encountered his distraught mother crying screaming that she had lost Felix during the attempt to escape the city. Max and his mother moved to Black Mountain and set up camp, looting nearby towns for food and supplies while camping at the top of the hill in the hope that Felix would show up one day.
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