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  1. Lars is a businessman from Denmark, who represents a large Tractor manufacturing business. He had traveled all over Eastern Europe to sell Tractors and make deals. He had come to Zelenogorsk to do business with the local farmers, when the apocalypse happened. He had no way to get home, and was forced to live in the streets of Zelenogorsk and steal food to survive. He slowly learned to fight off walkers and escape bad guys. For a while he hid in the buildings and houses surrounding the city, but he slowly ran out of food and had to move into the center of the city, in order to survive. While hiding out around the houses, he met Drake, who he teamed up with, to survive together. Safety in numbers.
  2. Righty, final decision: I will close the report, simply because mr @Ajax2109 is a friend of friends, and that he claims he told me to not turn around. I blame DayZ devs for my death, since the in-game voice chat cut off the last part of his sentence which is where he told me to not turn around. Altough i would like for @Ajax2109 to remember till next time, that when you only press the talk key while you are talking, it cuts you out, and therefore you should keep it down for half a second at the start and end of your speaking so that people hear EVERYTHING, that way we can avoid this from happening again.
  3. Well i dont know who the "New moon" is, as i said all i wanted was to help out settle it. But im not keen on telling people that im friends with the saviors cause everyone in the Kab area will kill me if i tell them that, thats why i didnt mention it.
  4. Well that proves nothing XD Also from what i can see on your profile, you're with the saviors? Cause my charecter is actually an ally of the saviors..
  5. Upload it anyway, i guess that way it proves the thing i say about you cutting out the ends of your sentences. I keep asking you what you said because i only hear the first 3 words you say and then you stop...
  6. You did not, but again your voice was cutting out the WHOLE TIME we were playing, thats why i kept asking you what you where saying.
  7. I had my hands up when you sprayed me bro, and i even said "Okay im putting them up" when you aimed at me. Dont expect me to not turn around unless you tell me not to, thats just stupid. I also wanna add that i didnt aim it at you, it was simply in my hands because i heard the reload sound from the other side of the wall.
  8. Server and location: S1 Vybor military (Dichina) Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-01-27, 21:59 Your in game name: Hannes Muller Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Shadowplay failed me ? Detailed description of the events: So my i was on my way to vybor to meet my friend, i hear shots coming from the military compund so of course i go there to see what was going on, i go there and instantly im told to leave because its a war zone, i go up the hill and scout the area, see multiple people get shot at and stuff like that. After this cools down i go down to loot it, i get through most of the barracks and when i get to the green building i meet two people outside talking with someone on the inside. I go up and say hi, im told to put my hands up, i comply and conversate with them for a bit. After a minute or two im told to go to Kab, i go up the hill and meet someone standing there looking at me, i talk with him and we agree to go back down and talk again for some reason, we do that, same stuff with the hands up and im sent off to Kab again! When we leave and go to the gate i hear someone reloading a magazine outside the compound, i take out my AK and aim it while saying something like "Who's behind the wall? Could you come out?", and suddenly this guy i was with takes out his UMP and says "Alright buddy, hands in the air!", i put up my hands and he sprays me.
  9. Alright, i understand that you guys arent responding unless staff asks for it, but i was in school for the past hours so i didnt have the chance to actually make a more detailed response. I dont need any responses or anything, this comment is purely for the staff to see my perspective a little clearer. First of all, here is an edited video of the video that @PatZ was so nice to upload (probs to him for actually recording it, thats smart and im gonna figure out how to get shadow play working, because that will help me out a lot in the future) : In this edited version, all i've done is shifted the audio about 250-300ms, which will simulate the latency that i experienced with my ping of around 230ms. Now we can see that i acutally pull out the gun when he starts yelling for me to put my hands up, which means that he actually hadnt told me to do so yet. But wait! The latency goes back the other way as well, which means that IRL i actually pressed for my gun to come out about 250ms before it shows me doing so in the video, that is a whole 0.5 seconds of latency. Which means i pulled out my gun, not after he told me to put my hands up, but at the second he started yelling (im not sure at this point tbh, but i think that i might have thought that he was shouting at people in the distance or something like that). And that alone, totally eleminates my chances of "complying" to the orders that were given, because from my perspective he told me to put my hands up and procceded to light me up with no time for me to follow instructions. (Let me know if my math is wrong) Secondly, i would like to mention that even though Mr. @PatZ mentioned that i might "not seem to understand how the community or its rules work", i believe that it is them who mistakes the server rules, as §4.4 & §4.5 clealy state that: "You shouldn't use defense or kill rights in situations where it doesn't make in-character sense as it can be seen as rule play. In other words, obtaining defense/kill rights alone does not give you explicit permission to use them any time you want and in all situations." And: "Hostile situations must focus on the role play experience of both attackers and victims. Both sides should actively participate and contribute to role play in all situations, any disputes or issues can be discussed and resolved afterwards." Which means that even if actually had pulled my gun out with hostile intentions, the right thing to do would actually not be to just light me up because i "posed a threat", but instead ingage in some sort of standoff, to maintain the fun of RP for both parties. I know this might seem like nitpicking the rules and such, but i feel slightly offended that i was told that i "didnt know the rules", when they were actually 'in my favor'. Lastly: No, its not "all about my gear", but i was actually very F'ing sad that i lost all of that stuff, because i had literally JUST spent almost 6 hours driving around the EU server (because of the better ping for fighting zombies with melee weapons) finding all of that stuff, and i was actually REALLY excited to engage RP with all this cool stuff that i had gathered, as well as maybe trade some of it in my future trading post. But instead of getting to do all that, i lost it all within an hour, and not even to a robber, but this BadRP situation. This REALLY bummed me out, and THAT is why i asked if it was possible for me to have the stuff back. I would also like to mention that - though im not sure about this - the reason i might have "raised my weapon" when i pulled it out, COULD have been because this was the first nice gun that i had ever had in DayZ, and i really liked to pull it out and look at it. Edit: Formatting and correct use of tagging, i think.
  10. I guess i will persue (not really sure what it means, lol. But i feel that this ruined my RP experience enough for the people involved to be somewhat punished, i guess)? And its totally understandable that you dont respawn loot tbh...
  11. If you seriously think that half a second is enough time to comply, then your teammate clearly also had enough time to realize that i had taken my gun away and was empty-handed when he killed me. This was bad rp.
  12. Not sure, what options do i really have? Personally i still believe that this was RDM, or at the very least BadRP. If i could get my stuff back, or if you could issue a warning or something then that would be nice. Im not sure if i would say its ban worthy, but i think i would let that be up to the admins.
  13. Hansi was born in the northern regions of German, but moved down south pretty early in his childhood due to financial instability in his family. His dad was a farmer and Hansi spent much of his younger years learning from his dad. He never went to school because of his family's financial instability and had to work on the farm instead. He knows a great deal about farming, fixing tractors & old cars as well as using the basic tools. As tradition in Germany, most farmers own a hunting rifle to take down ill animals or any brave foxes that try to steal from the chicken coop, and Hansi got pretty used to being on "fox duty", where he would sit around the coop and wait for any fox that might try out its luck. He actually became quite a shot with the small caliber rifle, and could even hit moving targets with his over-under birdshot loaded shotgun (birdshot ammunition is pretty common to use on foxes). When Hannes turned 18, he joined the military. He wanted to get away from the farm for a while and thought it would be fun to go shoot some terrorists down in the middle east. After many years of training & studying the ways of war, Hannes was deployed for the first time to Afghanistan, where he was tortured with the horrors of battle. But weirdly enough, Hannes did just alright on his first deployment, he got 3 confirmed kills, all of them he took out close-quarters with his assault rifle. And the fact that he had actively taken another human life didn't really bother him too much, since he was just following orders. Hannes lost many friends in combat, some of which he saw pass with his own eyes. He was even shot once himself, right in the left buttcheek, when passing around a corner inside a building. His buddies got the guy quickly afterwards, but Hannes was kinda disappointed that he didn't get to shoot the bastard in the ass just like he had done to him. When Hannes returned from his first deployment, he found his family in even greater debt than ever before, they had to sell the farm while he was away, and they were now staying in a "homeless shelter". Hannes couldn't bear to see his family living in such awful conditions, so he went straight out and got himself a nice job, where he could earn money and provide for his family. For a few years this worked out fine, and he even saved up enough to buy the whole family a nice apartment in the city, where they could 'live happily ever after', or so he hoped. Sadly, not long after moving into their new home, his father - who was the only other source of income apart from himself - was diagnosed with lung, liver & throat cancer. All those years of smoking cigars and drinking beers had finally caught up to him, and now he was to pay for the harm that he had brought onto his body. The hospital told the poor family that their poor father only had a couple years to live at max. This was absolutely devastating for the family, not only had they lost half of their income, but their father was passing as well! Without the second half of the family's income, their budget slowly started to thin out again, and Hannes had to do something, ANYTHING! Luckily, there had been some weird outbreak in a country called "Chernarus", and some sort of infection was rapidly spreading throughout the region. Oddly enough, this was actually a great opportunity for Hannes, since the military sent him a letter offering a large sum of money to go and help the poor people in Chernarus. All he had to do, was fly down there, and shoot all the infected bastards for some months, and then he could return to Germany, where he could claim this large sum of money and help the family back on track!! Sadly, Hannes's deployment to Chernarus didn't go as expected, his flight down there went fine, but not many weeks after he arrived, the infection had taken over most of the military establishment where Hannes was staying. He had to flee out into the wild, not getting a chance to even gear up. And to this day he still roams the barren land of Chernarus, looking for a way to get back home to his family in Germany, who he hoped so very much were still alive.
  14. The thing is i had already pushed that button way before you spoke, but i guess the 200+ ping made me take out my weapon at the same time as you pulled yours ? I guess it technically wasn't RDM, but next time dont just open fire, i hadn't even raised my weapon ? Also i definetely wasn't "non-compliant", you were literally giving me the order as you killed me, how am i supposed to even react to that?
  15. Server and location: S1 US, NW Airfield at the crashed plane Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time: 2019-01-20, 19:55 Your in game name: Brian Kvist Simonsen Names of allies involved: Ling Long and his friends, i know no other names but there was at least 10 guys. Name of suspect/s: No clue, never got to say a word Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: Me and my friend (Ling Long is his in-game name) where building a trading outpost around that crashed site, i was carrying a wooden log from the treeline and when i got to the plane a bunch of guys had shown up, i conversated a little with one of them while dropping the log onto the ground and putting my M4 into my hands, while doing so one of the dues shouted "HEY YOU TRADER PIECES OF SHIT PUT YOUR HANDS UP!", and then proceeded to spray me with his AK. I think he thought i was pulling my gun out to shoot at them but problem is i had already started taking my gun out before he said anything at all, i was actually in the process of putting my finger on the F5 key but i never got to click it before i died. Edit: I just wanna make it clear that i had way under half a second to put my hands up. I can understand why they shot and why someone might say that it technically wasn't RDM but giving me so little time to react, personally i think its worth the same as just shooting me straight up.
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