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  1. Dimitry Sokolov was a wandering vagrant before the outbreak. He had fought in the Chernarus civil war and was left homeless and hopeless as a result. Dimitry has become extremely resourceful from years of scavenging and finding shelter in trash heaps, brush, abandoned buildings and the like. The day of the outbreak was a day like any other. Dimitry collected his water from a few tarp collectors, checked his rabbit snares and went about his business. The first sign of suspicion was the increased amount of air activity. There was a cacophonous frenzy of planes followed by faint explosions. Wearily, he checked the nearest town of Berezino from afar to find utter chaos. Shambling men and women were chasing the populace. Recoiling in horror, he retreated to his camp, scrambling to gather his things. Not a man of many possessions, he had little more than the clothes on his back as he began his lone descent into madness. In the present day he has seen and been through hell. He no longer travels with companions after having too many of them ripped to pieces while he made his shameful retreat. He is no longer a man of any morals, choosing to rob and steal for his own personal gain. It is unlikely you will see him until he has a gun to your back, demanding your supplies.
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