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  1. Yosef Petrova is a fisherman in his early 30s who lived on his parents' remote property near Chelm when the outbreak took place. Conveniently (and unbeknownst to the events about to unfold), he decided to go on an extended fishing trip right as the outbreak bloomed across the populace... like some sort of sick vegetation. Upon his return, he made the terrifying discovery that the far-away neighbors and townspeople he once knew had become empty shells of their former selves. With glassy eyes and bones protruding here and there, he could no longer recognize a single one of them. He fought madness and tried desperately to cling to his psyche, succeeding only by sheer will and his determination to survive. These days, Yosef is no longer an ordinary fisherman but instead a hardened nomad; scrounging supplies where he can and killing whoever he must. He does not allow himself to think of his past. Every comfort he had come to know, all of the things he found fulfillment in... gone, dead, buried. No longer could you find any smile lines in the dirt of his cheeks. His eyes, once so expressionistic, now blank and abysmally empty. Though his story may not be unique, it does still deserve to be told
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