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  1. Horse

    Lengthen time for fire fuel

  2. Horse

    Close S2 until S1 is full

    Shut it down!!
  3. Horse

    DayZRP Mod Version Update [Feb 2019]

    Awesome work to the devs. We love you all!!
  4. Horse

    DayZRP Mod Version Update [Feb 2019]

    when will these new mods be available ? I am really exicted for the more loot in the east side of the map. Lots of people are at the airfield area. Now if that will happen people can roam all around. Make the game more exciting!
  5. Maybe an silly question. I see a lot people writing via the radio. How do you that? Like radio in front their names?
  6. Hi, Just lost my stuff due to server break down. Does this happen a lot? Can I redeem it back. It took me days to find the item I had ffs.
  7. Horse

    These ideas.

    Thanks but I cannot reply anymore on that topic
  8. Horse

    These ideas.

    Guess no one gives a shit xD
  9. Horse

    Ye Nice

    Sweet are there trucks in these servers. Never found one in my 200 hour gameplay!
  10. I would like to see an small axe belt so you can an for example an base ball bat and an small axe on your belt. We have the belt icon in your inventory. Maybe that's something we can work on? Also maybe some new guns / smaller guns. I see everybody with the same rifles all the time. For some people who just free roam as hunter for example. This would be really neat. Maybe new snipers. New pistols. Less automatic guns. Also I find it really annoying that the camping tripod is so huge, you can't place it in the normal/ smaller bags. Maybe make that one smaller? Or you can fold it? Just my thoughts
  11. My name is Ali At, my friends in the Netherlands called me Horse as my surname means Horse in Turkish. I was born and raised in Rotterdam. I learned dutch from school and Turkish from my mother. I learned other languages at work. I love cooking / playing games and having a good time. Sometimes I can really be rude , but I can be the sweetest guy on the world as I say it myself. Before the outbreak I used to work in a trucker stop / restaurant. I did most of the cooking, but did waiter work as well. My boss didn’t like me that much but I thought fuck it it pays well enough to get yelled at. And the truckers were bunch of tough guys who were teaching me how to be tough, but sweet at the same time. Truckers can be jerks but have a big heart once you know them. I worked since I was 18 and they raised me to be a man as my dad was never around. In the year 2016, month January, I got called for military service in Turkey. The country where my parents was born. I wrote lots of letters to my fiancé, mother and little brother. I have served the army till the outbreak. During the outbreak I got send to the shore of the Black sea to help inventories the people there. I had some minor experience with help planning as I learned a lot from the truckers. I got asked if I could go help them out in Chernarus. And I agreed. There was bad weather and the large cargo ship was forced into Chernarussian waters by the storm. Instead of risking life and limb, the crew chose to beach the ship. The crew told me about the infected, how they are. What really happened. Somewhat later we got surrounded by a small horde of infected and I just ran like the wind going inlands. Hoping to find someone to help me out. Now I’m stranded in this country. Maybe I will wander around. Search for my purpose. Maybe search back for my family. Or at least try to contact them somehow.
  12. Not sure if I'm at the right place. You may remove if it's not correct. Server just crashed? could you inform me once it's up again, pretty please?