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  1. Horse

    Make a bridge onto Prison island?

    +1 please so people get attracted to actually go there. Maybe events can make it interesting?
  2. Horse


    Do a moody! (jk)
  3. Horse

    Fun in Cherno!.jpg

    White gang
  4. Horse

    Remove NBC clothing from item shop (When the radiation mod is released)

    Sorry I was being sarcastic. Now edited.
  5. Please don't. Pvpers will take advantage of this and re spawn at their stashed places. - 1 for me
  6. Horse

    Remove NBC clothing from item shop (When the radiation mod is released)

    Keep it. Pay to win right? *sarcasm*
  7. I would say just restrain. If the server crashed and the character is dead. Just try to contact your captures ooc and say you died and show proof. Captures can rp it out with like: I think he bit his own tounge not to talk. Or I think we suffocated him to hard on the restrains. Just RP it out. Dayz has many faults, but we as community can make the best out of it with our imagination and great gameplay
  8. Yes please - maybe black colours or grey colours as well?
  9. Yes please, you ran out of stamine so fast even when you are very light..
  10. Horse


  11. Horse

    Turn down zombie agro

    Get a sword and you can one hit Also try other approuches? Corner them down? Go higher up ? They are fine like they are now.
  12. Horse


    That's rape.
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